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Andy Milder, who plays club manager Marcus Carilli in the series FAME L.A. was bitten by the acting bug at age five. Starring in school plays and on the PBS series K.I.D.S., he appeared to be headed for an acting career. But knowing what a difficult road lay ahead as an actor, he decided to become a lawyer instead. However, while studying economics and pre-law at Berkeley, Milder discovered he was miserable.

"I hated not acting. Thankfully, college theatre pulled me back into it," says Milder. He finished up his degree and went to San Francisco's American Conservatory Theatre to study the craft. Moving to Los Angeles, he landed an agent and embarked on his career. "I did a lot of voice-overs and commercials," says Milder. "People still recognize me for a McDonalds commercial I did," in which he played a photographer trying to get a baby to smile.

His first feature film role was as a wide-eyed waiter assisting Bette Midler in FOR THE BOYS. "I look as awe-struck as I felt," laughs Milder. "I was that character." Milder went on to appear in the films I'LL DO ANYTHING, I LOVE TROUBLE and APOLLO 13, for which he shared a Screen Actors Guild award for Best Cast. His television credits include "Wonder Years," "Murphy Brown," "Tracey Takes On," "NYPD Blue," and "From Earth To The Moon," an HBO series in which reprises his APOLLO 13 character, guidance officer Steve Bales.

Milder credits his burgeoning success to making sure he enjoys the auditioning process. "Once I decided to make it fun for me, I started landing roles," says Milder, who routinely employs props in his auditions. "I once talked a department store into lending me a mannequin so I could put my arm around it for an audition. I got a huge laugh, but not the role." At various auditions he has popped fried shrimp, crackers and balled cheese into his mouth and done scenes while chewing - just for effect. "I usually get a laugh and that helps to get parts," he says. Some props aren't so successful. "I once pulled a toy gun out of my pocket during an audition. Even though the casting director said I could use it, she never took her eyes off it.

Bio obtained from a Fame L.A. press kit.

Date of birth: August 16th, Omaha, Nebraska


Star Trek: Bridge Commander (2001) .... Chief Brex 
The Hollywood Sign (2001) .... Suit
Luck of the Draw (2000) .... Pascal 
The Brave Little Toaster to the Rescue (1999)  .... Ratso 
Armageddon (1998) .... N.A.S.A. Tech 
The Brave Little Toaster Goes to Mars (1998) .... Ratso 
Nome Prince and the Magic Belt, The (1996) .... Scarecrow Sr. 
Toto Lost in New York (1996) .... Barnabas/Scarecrow/Snicklefritz/Vendor 
Virtual Oz (1996) .... Tommy Qwickstep 
Apollo 13 (1995) .... GUIDO White 
I Love Trouble (1994) .... Copy Man 
I'll Do Anything (1994) .... Warm-up Man 
For the Boys (1991) .... Dressing Room Page

TV Series

"From the Earth to the Moon" (1998) (mini) .... Steve Bales (Guido) 
"Fame L.A." (1997) .... Marcus Carilli 

TV Guest Appearances

"Dharma & Greg" (1997) .... Russell Gotleib
"Star Trek: Voyager" (1995) .... Nar
"Dharma & Greg" (1997) .... Russell Gottlieb
"West Wing, The" (1999) .... Mark
"Becker" (1998) .... Clark
"West Wing, The" (1999) .... Mark
"Huntress, The" (2000) .... Salesman
"G vs E" (1999) .... Scott
"Brother's Keeper" (1998) .... Calvin Heinberg
"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" (1993) .... Boq'ta
"Tracey Takes On..." (1996) .... Peter
"Boston Common" (1996) .... Milder
"NYPD Blue" (1993) .... Skater
"University Hospital" (1995) .... Howard Stenecki
"Murphy Brown" (1988) .... Santa Claus
"Wonder Years, The" (1988) .... Howie Needleman
"Married... with Children" (1987) .... Francis
"Empty Nest" (1988) .... Doctor's Assistant

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