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Similar to Brent Legget, the character he portrays in FAME L.A., Brent David Fraser is an actor and musician who honed his artistic skills for nearly five years working in the rich, cutting-edge Seattle theater and music scene. While working as a street musician and in night clubs with local bands, Fraser trained at the Mark Jenkins Actors Workshop and landed roles in local repertory theatre productions.

Fraser came to Los Angeles to pursue his career and landed roles in films such as THE CHOCOLATE WAR (which filmed in Seattle), END OF THE ICON, and BLUE MOVIE BLUE: WILD ORCHID II, and in television series "Dark Skies," "Moloney," "Red SHoe Diaries," and "The Tracey Ullman Show."

Of his role in FAME L.A., Fraser notes that "I feel challenged by this great opportunity, both as an actor and musician." He adds that the concept of being famous is not something he can relate to. "It's more important for me to achieve recognition for good work so that I can keep working, getting good roles and growing.

Bio obtained from a Fame L.A. press kit. 


Mixed Blessings (1998) 
Broken Vessels (1998) .... Jed 
Little Death, The (1995) .... Nick Hannon 
Dark Side of Genius (1994) .... Julian Jons 
Wild Orchid II: Two Shades of Blue (1992) .... Josh
Fatal Charm (1992) (TV) .... Cowboy 
Book of Love (1990) .... Meatball 
Class of 1999 (1990) .... Flavio 
Jezebel's Kiss (1990) .... Hunt Faberman 
Lula (1990) 
Wild at Heart (1990) .... Idiot Punk
Chocolate War, The (1988) .... Emile Janza

TV Series

"Signs of Life" (2001) TV Series .... Jason 
"Fame L.A." (1997) TV Series .... Brent Legget 

TV Guest Appearances

"Dark Skies" (1996) .... Jim Morrison
"Moloney" (1996) 
"Red Shoe Diaries" (1992)
"The Tracey Ullman Show" (1987) 

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