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Happy Holidays!
Posted Dec 25 2008 by Pam

I'd like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy Hanukkah.


William Blinn to Receive Award for Lifetime Achievement
Posted Dec 24 2008 by Pam

The Writers Guild of America West has tapped veteran scribe William Blinn as the recipient of its Paddy Chayefsky Laurel Award for Television. The award, which honors lifetime achievement for outstanding TV writing, will be presented at the WGA Awards ceremony on Feb. 7 at the Century Plaza in Los Angeles. William Blinn was a writer and executive producer on the TV series Fame.
According to one site that I read, Debbie Allen will be on hand during the ceremony to perform an interpretive dance.

Congratulations Mr. Blinn!



Vote for Billy
Posted Dec 17 2008 by Pam

Entertainment Weekly online (PopWatch blog) is asking fans which two guys from the upcoming VH1 show Confessions of a Teen Idol that they should chat with and they allow you to submit questions for them to ask the stars.

So, if you would like to see them chat with Billy Hufsey and get some answers to your questions, you need to let them know. Proceed to the link below and leave a comment stating who you would like to see interviewed (up to two of the guys participating in the show) and any questions you may have for them.

We have until 12pm ET tomorrow to vote.


Valkyrie New York Premiere
Posted Dec 16 2008 by Pam

Lori Singer attended the New York premiere of Tom Cruise's new movie Valkyrie at Rose Hall in the Time Warner Center in New York City on December 15th.


Official Website For Fame Remake Online
Posted Dec 15 2008 by Pam


Also, I found a picture online from the dance auditions for the new Fame movie and it looks like Fame dancer Marguerite Pomerhn Derricks (from the TV series) is in it. At this time I can't find any confirmation that Marguerite is working on the new Fame movie. Click here to view the picture. I believe Marguerite is the one at the table wearing a white top.


Happy Birthday Cynthia
Posted Dec 14 2008 by Pam

Today is Cynthia Gibbs' birthday! May she have a wonderful day with her family and friends.


New Videos
Posted Dec 13 2008 by Pam

Today's update is all about the videos. 

- Changed the Sounds page to Sights & Sounds to include video clips as well as sound files.
- Added video clips of Irene Cara from her participation in the show "Hit Me Baby One More Time."

- Added several videos including the segment about Confessions of a Teen Idol from last night's episode of Entertainment Tonight.

- Added the performance by the cast of Fame on 42nd Street from the 2003 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.


Billy on Entertainment Tonight
Posted Dec 12 2008 by Pam

Tonight's episode of Entertainment Tonight will feature a segment about the new show Billy will be on. I'm going to try recording it so if I do get it I will post the video of it on here as soon as I can. I'm actually not going to be home when it airs but I will program it. Below is a commercial for what is on tonight's episode.

Zap 2 It Guide: Entertainment Tonight  | ET Online

Thanks to LB.


Happy Birthday Nia
Posted Dec 10 2008 by Pam

Today, December 10th, is Nia Peeples' birthday! I hope she has a wonderful day!


New CD Confessions
Posted Dec 09 2008 by Pam

On the upcoming series Confessions of a Teen Idol, Billy Hufsey will be performing the song "Better Man" which is the first single off of his upcoming CD ... which just happens to be titled Confessions.



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