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Moving on Up From The Waste
Posted Sep 19 2006 by Pam

Dancer Antonia Franceschi presents the story of her own life in Up From The Waste at the Soho (18 October - 11 November). It is the first ever dance/theatre presentation at the theatre and features jazz, classical and hip hop  music as well as words, dance and digital imagery.

Franceschi's life provides an interesting story. She experienced a childhood of neglect, abuse and poverty in 1970s New York and joined up for weekly dance lessons to escape. She was cast in the film Fame at the age of 16, after faking a birth certificate, and used the money she earned to help pay her way through dance school. Franceschi became a leading dancer at the New York City Ballet and, on moving to London, worked with Mark Baldwin, Wayne McGregor, Michael Clarke, Arlene Phillips, Matthew Hart, Cathy Marston, Karole Armitage and Anthony Van Laast. In 1999, she received the Time Out Award for Outstanding Achievement in Dance.

A workshop performance of Up From The Waste took place at the Albany theatre in 2002.

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