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Fame Forever Update
Posted Jan 26 2008 by Pam

Here are today's updates.


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kitkat4234 on Jan 27 2008 03:04 am

I love those pictures from the Finale!!!

Roberta on Jan 27 2008 07:31 am

Great stuff! thumbsup thumbsup thumbsup Still have to take the time to read the FC Newsletters, but as they give us an inside view of the show, they must be a real treasure! The pics are great as well - many thanks to Elaine and Mr. Merwald for sharing! smile smile smile

dany17 on Jan 27 2008 01:52 pm

Great biggrin2 really good stuff Pam. I hope you post the photos that I sent you, I guess have some nice pic's there too blush happy

lisa on Jan 27 2008 05:24 pm

FANTASTIC. Thanks so much Pam, that made my sunday morning. The FC newsletters were nice to find out some new things. thumbsup thumbsup

dabby on Jan 28 2008 07:19 am

Great pictures from the finale. I haven´t seen the last season yet, I live in Iceland and only the first 5 season were shown. I know that Nicole dies in season 6, but I was wondering if anyone can tell me, is that Nia Peeples in one of the pictures, number 4 ?

dany17 on Jan 28 2008 09:53 am

yeah is her happy

Pam on Jan 28 2008 10:57 am

Dabby, as Dany has said, that is Nia. There is a Q&A with Frank Merwald where he talks a little bit about Nia being there during the taping of the last scene.

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