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Janet Jackson's new "Discipline" - don't call it a comeback!
Posted Feb 25 2008 by Roberta

FAME was just a temporary incident in Janet Jackson's career, so to speak - it is said that she agreed to play Cleo in the fourth season of the show only because her father arranged that for her. She was barely 18 at the time, and had just recorded her second album Dream Street; two of its songs, the title track and Two to the power of love, featured in a couple of episodes. Twenty-four years after, Janet is releasing her tenth album Discipline - it is out today in the UK and will be in the US stores tomorrow, 17 months after the not very successful 20 Y.O. But don't call it a comeback...

"I think a comeback is when you leave and then you ... come back," Jackson said with a laugh during a recent interview. "People are always quick to use that word 'comeback,' but I never went anywhere, really."

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