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Hmm, interesting!
Posted Mar 03 2008 by Pam

I came across the following article last night. I wish there was more to the story but at this time, that's all there is. What do you make of it?

If I find any further information, I'll post it.

On a side note, when I went to view the article yesterday my browser (Firefox) crashed twice. First time I didn't realize it was that site that crashed my browser .... and when I say crash, I simply mean the browser closed with no warning .... until after I opened my browser back up and tried the link again. Anyway, today I tried the link in Internet Explorer and all worked fine.

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ej273 on Mar 04 2008 04:22 pm

This guy has done quite a few shows like this in the UK. He did one a few years back where he reunited the cast of Dallas (well he tried!).

He goes around hunting down the celebrities and then tries to persuade them to gather together at a venue at the end of the show.

This guy can be very critical of the celebrities and loves digging for dirt about them.

The cast will have no prior knowledge that this guy is on the look-out for them, he'll pounce on them in all manner of places. When making the Dallas 'Bring back' he just walked on Charlene Tilton in a health spa. She was semi-naked at the time.

Personally I do not want to see the cast reunited in this way. It is not a BBC type reunion.

Pam on Mar 04 2008 09:05 pm

Ugh, that doesn't sound good at all. sad

lisa on Mar 04 2008 09:16 pm

That does sound awful. So if he sneaks up on people and keeps it a secret, does that mean he's already done it if they made this announcement???
It would be interesting with the cast. The only people who I think could handle it would be Valerie and Gene, as they were the only two who were ever honest about their drug/alcohol abuse.

Mark1814 on Mar 06 2008 07:08 am

I too have seen a number of the "Bring Back" Shows and have thoroughly enjoyed them.

Justin Lee Collins comes across as a very genuine fan who wants to reunite celebrities on shows from the 80s. He would probably wait outside Debbie’s dance academy waiting for her to arrive. There is usually some mix up with the information he receives so he will be waiting in the wrong place and will rush around trying to find her. He will ask for an interview and for her to attend a reunion he is organising. If someone doesn’t want to be filmed then he says so i.e. we met Debbie but she was too busy or didn’t want to be interviewed on camera. Sometime these people arrange to be interviewed at a later date. No one is filmed without their permission. At the end of the show they wait to see who if anyone will show up for the reunion.

The shows are usually very funny. He does poke fun at people a little bit but it isn’t in a nasty way. Also he will be looking for some behind the scenes gossip like if people didn’t like each other or argued or had problems. So if Valerie was happy to talk about being an alcoholic then he would ask her if she didn’t he wouldn’t.

It should be a light hearted look back at the show and catch up with some of the stars. I would love to see Debbie, Valerie, Carol, Lee, Nia and Carlo involved.

Lisa, Gene won’t be on the show he sadly died in 2003.

ej273 on Mar 06 2008 12:24 pm

If the show is done in a 'above board' manner with the stars having prior knowledge I'd have no problem with it.

Judging by the other shows I doubt it very much that Mr Collins would wait out side anywhere for a celeb, although he did while trying to contact the creator of the A-Team for one reason and that was he feared there were armed security guards on the property.
While trying to contact Mary Crosby (Dallas) he and the Camera crew climbed over her security gate and onto her property.

I personally know a sister of one of the celebs featured in one of these shows. I've asked if they had prior warning. She said the only clue her brother had was that a researcher had phoned his agent asking a bunch of questions about a week before. The interview he did was edited to pieces with only the 'good tv' parts kept in.

If this show is done and they do a good job of it, I'll be the first to apologize for being concerned and negative towards the whole thing.

The fact that George Peppard had passed away did not stop Mr Collins wanting to interview him in the 'Bring back the A-Team'. He went to a medium who apparently made contact with Peppard.

Is this what he intends to do with Gene?

My posts in relation to this issue are just my personal opinions and I am not trying to disrespect anyone else's thoughts on the matter.

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