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Irene Cara Presents Hot Caramel
Posted Jun 06 2008 by Pam

The long awaited Irene Cara CD is due to release a new single this summer called "How Can I Make You Love Me". The Oscar and Grammy winning composer and actress has been developing a girl band called "Hot Caramel" and much of the music features songs produced, written and played by Cara and the women in her band.
The debut album is called Irene Cara Featuring Hot Caramel and is due out by the end of summer. The first single of the album is called, How Can I Make You Love Me, which is being released to radio the first week of June. Hot Caramel members include; Errica Poindexter, Yvonne Poindexter, Audrey Martell, Donna Hairston, Lafrae Olivia Sci, Sheryl Bailey and of course Irene Cara as lead vocals.


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