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Dream in Color
Posted Sep 18 2008 by Pam

Target celebrates Hispanic heritage this fall, and all year long, by encouraging everyone to dream in color, outside of the confines of black and white.  The Dream in Color campaign includes music producer Emilio Estefan, designer Sami Hayek, actor Tony Plana and celebrity stylist Irma Martinez among others. In addition to celebrities and designers of Hispanic origin, earlier this year Target partnered with Debbie Allen, Kwaku Alston, Irene Hirano, Iman, John Legend, Holly Robinson Peete, Joy Gryson and Sylvia Woods to share their Dream in Color stories.

Click here to view Debbie Allen's Dream in Color video.


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Roberta on Sep 18 2008 03:21 pm

The video kept loading small bit by small bit for me, so I had trouble watching it - but I loved Debbie's statement about "not being afraid to knock on doors". It's precisely what I've been doing all my life - being afraid to try, to ask, whatever. The only time I overcame that fear was when I heard a certain radio station was looking for speakers...but that's the point - at least I KNEW they were searching for someone, if not me. It's very difficult sometimes to go and try to catch something, even when it does belong to you...

dany17 on Sep 19 2008 05:03 pm

The video really inspired me! every word...omg, is incredible! debbie really makes me want to dream and make all my dreams come true!
and talking about dream in colour, i remember one song with the same name. So funny!

Roberta on Sep 24 2008 02:42 pm

I actually thought of you when reading that title, Dany wink.

dany17 on Sep 25 2008 09:44 pm


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