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Posted Sep 24 2008 by Pam

Michael Cerveris will appear in next Tuesdays episode of the new Fox series "Fringe." The episode is titled "The Arrivals."

"Fringe" episode 1.04 Preview (includes Michael in it):

Official Site:


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Pam on Oct 01 2008 10:07 am

I missed the show. grr It figures because I really wanted to see this.

Roberta on Oct 02 2008 02:09 am

Try "Fringe" at the site...there's a vid on the show page (that I couldn't watch because it can't be displayed in my region, so I don't know if it's the same one you posted).
I suppose this series will air here in Italy sometime - maybe in an year...

Roberta on Oct 02 2008 02:12 am

...sorry..."A year" (I didn't sleep enough tonight, plus I have a bad cold, so I suppose I can't really see what I'm typing LOL).

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