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Sound Files Return and More
Posted Oct 21 2008 by Pam

The sound files have been put back up for all sections (movie, series and Fame L.A.). As some of you might remember, the musical songs had been put back online some time ago.
Now, keep in mind, these are real audio files and as such require Real Player to listen to them. Also, even if you already have Real Player, I highly recommend downloading the latest version ... especially if the files don't work for you in whatever version of the program you may already have.

Download the latest version of Real Player.

Also, I have begun adding videos to the Series section. Right now I have the Fame Remember My Name BBC reunion from 2003 and two clips from More Child Stars of the 80's featuring Nia Peeples, Carlo Imperato and Gene Anthony Ray up. You can view these on the Video Clips page. More to come.

One new design featuring Nia Peeples has also been added.

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