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Bring Back Fame - Your Thoughts
Posted Dec 28 2008 by Pam

Well, last night was when Bring Back Fame with Justin Lee Collins aired. I have already heard some great things about it and some odd things as well.

So, for those of you who were able to watch it, what did you think? Feel free to post your comments about the show.

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Margo on Dec 29 2008 07:19 am

I adored the programme.All the memories came flooding back of a great time to be alive.I loved Fame.Thought Carlo Imperato was the nicest of all those interviewed.Decent guy

ianking on Dec 29 2008 07:21 am

I was a huge fan of Fame in the 80s and was looking forward to this show. I think you either love these "Bring Back" shows and Justin Lee Collins or hate them. I am afraid that the 'suprise the celebrities when they least expect it' does make me cringe and I usually avert my eyes when he does that bit.

I did feel a bit embarrassed for poor Carlo. I would have thought they could have announced his real name at the stadium, rather than "Danny from Fame".

To be honest, I fast-forwarded through most of the show and just listened to the interviews, which were pretty good. Justin was obviously a fan of the show, so that made it more watchable (well the bits I watched anyway).

The best 're-union' show was still the BBC one from a few years ago where they all sang Starmaker at the end and which Gene Anthony Ray was a part of. Still, it was nice to see the cast again; Lee Curreri was looking nice, balder, but much fitter and Erica Gimpel looked great and didn't look much older than she did in the show.

Incidentally, I did see them live in 1983 at Southampton which had all the cast apart from Lori Singer (who had to return to do Footloose I think). Valerie Landsburg and Erica Gimpel were both in the show, so I was happy.

Darren on Dec 30 2008 11:56 am

I loved the show - such a nostalgia trip. Was great that he got all the main cast (although no Lori - was she asked??). Best part was the reunion at the end. They all looked so pleased to see Carol. I agree, Carlo came over best - really nice guy, always happy to talk about Fame. Valerie too. was hilarious when he ambushed her at the movie theater! She loved it. And hello... has Erica even aged a day?! Only sad part was the stuff about Gene. Such a sad loss. Great viewing though. I recorded it & will no doubt watch it over & over smile

MarkD on Dec 30 2008 05:13 pm

I live in Canada but was able to find it on LIMEWIRE and downloaded the entire was AMAZING!

So nice that everyone showed up to be a part of the reunion....well, except Irene...she probably heard how GREAT Erica Gimpel still looks and was afraid as she looked a little rough!

All in all ...fantastic and the end with Carol brought tears to my eyes!

Thanks Justin Lee Collins....a fantastic interview...I never knew there was tension amongst the cast....some really interesting stuff came out!

Roberta on Dec 30 2008 09:42 pm

First off, thanks to those who are commenting...I'm in Italy, so I haven't had the chance to see the show and I have to rely on those comments for now. Can anyone elaborate the "tension" Mark talks about? Thanks!

Darren on Dec 31 2008 01:21 pm

The tension was mainly with Debbie & the kids. An example was during one of the UK tours when Debbie was trying to make Erica sing a song she didn't want to, so Erica pulled out & returned to New York. Debbie was very strict with them but says she had to be. There was also a lot of partying & drug taking on their part which she had to deal with. Hope that's ok til you watch it smile

Roberta on Jan 01 2009 04:58 am

Thank you so much! thumbsup

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