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Most Popular of Confessions
Posted Jan 22 2009 by Pam

With 1,800 fans and 90,000 views and counting on the VH1 Friends website (, former 80s heartthrob Billy Hufsey is by far the most popular star of the network’s new hit reality series “Confessions Of A Teen Idol.”
Those fans, along with millions more who tune in every Sunday night to see his latest adventures, are waiting eagerly for February 16, when “Better Man,” the inspirational first single from Hufsey’s upcoming debut album Confessions, hits Adult AC Mainstream Radio stations across the country.
VH1 also approached Hufsey about making a video for “Better Man,” which will begin filming soon. He expects it to run on the network and be in rotation on He will also be the star of the new independent pilot called “What’s Your Point?,” portraying a right-wing talk show host; filming is set to begin shortly.

Note: at the time this post was made, Billy has 3111 fans signed up on the Famous VH1 Friends site.


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