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Posted Feb 06 2009 by Pam

The videos that I previously added to the site (in the Series, Movie and Fame L.A. sections) have now been removed, with the exception of the Bring Back Fame show, because my YouTube account has been permanently suspended and Bring Back Fame was not uploaded to YouTube by me.
I think what annoys me most about YouTube was that they removed several of the videos that I uploaded yet in some cases, I could find other people who had the same videos online. I guess I'll just see what videos I can find, that are Fame related, and add those to the site.

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Roberta on Feb 07 2009 09:02 am

I'm sorry to hear that Pam - it's so stupid that all that kind of stuff has to be removed, while no one is apparently going to release it forever rolleyes grr. You didn't have any whole episode uploaded, did you? and as for the TV appearances, I can't get why they're not supposed to stay online - it's not like they featured on any kind of available support one can actually buy...

Lisa on Feb 07 2009 04:33 pm

Sorry to hear that Pam. I do find it strange that a lot of videos that I save on YouTube end up becoming "unavailable". I don't think you had anything there was infringing on anyone's rights.

Pam on Feb 08 2009 08:11 pm

It's OK but thank you! I guess I'll just stick to what other people upload to YouTube.

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