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"Hallettsville" Premiere
Posted Feb 10 2009 by Pam

Actor/filmmaker Derek Lee Nixon of San Antonio is digging deep into his pockets to throw a Hollywood-style premiere of his horror movie “Hallettsville.” Gary Busey, who plays the sheriff in the Texas-set movie, is one of the actors confirmed for the March 5 event at the Santikos Palladium Theater. Others expected are Ricardo Antonio Chavira of “Desperate Housewives,” Jesse Borrego (“Dexter”) and, if he's free, Nixon's “buddy,” fellow San Antonio actor Jared Padalecki of “Supernatural.” “Hallettsville's” one-and-only big-screen showing is intended to kick off the movie's March 10 DVD release.

Tickets can be obtained by clicking on Nixon's Web site, It will cost $10 for screening only and $25 if you want to hobnob with celebrities at the party afterward.


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