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Posted Mar 19 2009 by Pam

Here are a list of today's updates.


Videos: Irene Cara performing on The Disco Ball.



Articles/Interviews:  Six articles/interviews have been added.

Fame L.A.

Videos: Roselyn Sanchez performing on The Disco Ball.

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MarcTyler on Mar 20 2009 02:58 am

Pam. I think the janet article means ... 'Dream Strett Album' she enlisted Michaels help etc .. She even sang the album song on Fame. Meaning Dream Street

MarcTyler on Mar 20 2009 02:59 am

Gees my typing was bad. Anyway re-read interview 'she even sang the title song on Fame' ... am sure it means Dream Street

lisa on Mar 20 2009 10:18 am

Hi Pam

Why can't I get these videos to work? I keep getting an ad coming up that I can't bypass. I must be missing something.

Pam on Mar 20 2009 01:36 pm

I guess I misunderstood what the article meant. LOL Thank you Mark for clearing that up for me.

Lisa, I honestly didn't even realize that MegaVideo had those ads (pop-up or otherwise) until yesterday when I tried playing one of the videos from someone else's computer. I generally use Firefox and it blocks the pop-ups plus I have the AdBlock Plus plugin installed in Firefox which completely blocks all of the ads that MegaVideo shows. However, when I use Internet Explorer, I get the ads.
Anyway, once you click on the play button initially, a pop-up ad pops up and you see another sort of ad on the video window along with another play button. You'll need to push play again in order for the video to play. So basically, you have to push play twice.

I do apologize for the ads and any trouble with playing the videos but I wasn't having any luck with YouTube and MegaVideo doesn't have the limits on the length of videos like YouTube does. Unfortunately, they have ads ... which as I said, I wasn't aware of until yesterday. sad

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