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Other Original Fame Cast At New Fame Premiere
Posted Sep 25 2009 by Pam

I have now found out that other original Fame cast members (from the original movie and series) were at the Fame premiere. Antonia Franceschi, Maureen Teefy, Lee Curreri, Valerie Landsburg and Carlo Imperato along with Erica Gimpel and Debbie Allen were there. Check out the video below. Debbie, Antonia, Valerie and Erica are interviewed, towards the end. Carlo can be seen behind them in the last few seconds.

Thanks to Leanne, for the video link.

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Roberta on Oct 01 2009 08:03 am

Thank you girls! It was very nice to see our old friends showing up. Erica is never going to get old LOL - and I love her fire. I wonder why Carlo wasn't interviewed - maybe he opted out for some reason.

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