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FAME - the 2nd season out in Italy!
Posted Nov 06 2009 by Roberta

This time we Italian folks won't have to wait for two stressful years, like when Season 1 was released . The powers-that-be have been kind to us, and Season 2 is out on 11-11-2009 - only a short time after the American release!  I can only seem to find news about a separate Season 2 release, so I guess the S1+2 version didn't make it to my country. It looks like the "FAME: now and then" doc is included in this package. The cover features Erica Gimpel as Coco. Here is one of the many links I found:

Season 2 cover and details (in Italian)

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Jimmy on Nov 27 2009 11:20 am

The cover of Season Two (featuring Coco) was what I purchased at Wall-Mart here in the US. But I discovered upon viewing that it was edited and censored. For example: In the episode "Words" Shorofsky's song is cut and replaced by a short instrumental; in the episode "Childood's End" Leroy's crack about the Happy Birthday song was cut. I was too upset to bother watching the rest of the episodes. I hope your copy is unedited and censored. Let us know either way.

Jimmy on Nov 27 2009 11:24 am

whoops... i ment "I hope your copy is unedited and UNCENSORD."

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