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Krazy Vatos Emporium
Posted Dec 24 2009 by Pam

Krazy Vatos Emporium is a store that was opened last month by actors Jesse Borrego and Danny De La Paz.
Borrego and De La Paz, who have been friends almost 20 years, have appeared at Latino arts festivals and lowrider car shows in recent years. The two would autograph posters of their films, many that depict barrio life and Latino working-class families.
Krazy Vatos carries such merchandise, as well as DVDs and works by local artists, including loterķa art, T-shirts, jewelry, and pillows and purses shaped like pan dulce.

Krazy Vatos Emporium is having a holiday party from 5-11 p.m., Saturday, Dec. 26. The store is located at 2342 S. Presa St., San Antonio, Texas. Jesse is to be in attendance at the event which is free to the public.


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