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A Few Things
Posted Jan 06 2011 by Pam

You may notice some small icons above. I thought I would see how that goes in helping people spread the word about the site or a particular news post or page... if you want. It helps to share pages from a website on various social sites or email or even to bookmark the site.

I've also set up a Twitter account specifically for the site where I will post links to the news I post on the site. So if you have Twitter (or are interested in signing up with it) and would like to get messages there when the site is updated feel free to follow me.

Speaking of Twitter, I know of three Fame cast members who have accounts. I haven't had the chance to search and see if any others have accounts so I'll just add the ones I know about now and then if I find others later ... I'll let you all know.

Irene Cara - @Irene_Cara

Erica Gimpel  - @ericagimpel
Lee Curreri - @leecurreri
Nia Peeples - @nia_peeples
Debbie Allen - @msdebbieallen
Sam Slovick - @samslovick
Janet Jackson - @JanetJackson

Fame L.A.
Christian Kane - @ChristianKane01
Roselyn Sanchez - @Roselyn_Sanchez
Lesli Margherita - @QueenLesli
Brent David Fraser - @Brent_D_Fraser
Andy Milder - @AndyMilder
Carlton Wilborn - @CarltonWilborn

Fame the Musical / Fame on 42nd Street
Jenna Coker - @jennacokerjones
Luis Salgado - @LSalgadoART
Julie Atherton - @Julie_Atherton
Paul Spicer - @Spiceboy81
Debbie Kurup - @debbiekurup
Gavin Creel - @gavincreel

One more thing. I'd like to wish everyone a Happy New Year!

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