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New Fame TV Series In The Works
Posted Aug 29 2012 by Pam

Looks as if Nigel Lythgoe, producer of such shows such as American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance, is developing a remake of the 1980s TV series Fame.

Below are some of the articles online regarding this.

BBC News
Nigel Lythgoe Working On Bringing Fame Back To Television
"Fame" is gonna live forever, thanks to Nigel Lythgoe
Lythgoe in talks to reboot Fame
MGM TV & Nigel Lythgoe To Reboot ‘Fame’ As New Scripted Series
Nigel Lythgoe, MGM Television Team to Revive 'Fame' for TV

Thanks to Stuart Farrell for the tip about the remake.

On a side note, I know that I haven't been around for quite some time. I'm sorry about that.  I definitely had no intention of giving up on this site, it's too important to me, but I guess I needed a break from it to pursue other interests. If this new Fame series generates interest in the site again, I will do my best to keep it going.

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Ellen on Jan 20 2013 04:27 pm

Just a huge thank-you to Pamela! This website is incredible!!! I was a great fan of the first series, and I am absolutely overjoyed to have found this website, 20 years later! Many thanks!!! Dr. Frye

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