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Welcome to the new Fame Forever.
Posted Jan 14 2008 by Pam


  • I am using CuteNews now to add news to the site. Using this allows me to add news more quickly and allows visitors to leave comments on each news post, if they so choose. I do, however, have it set up so that only registered users can comment ... to cut down on spammers. So, if you would like to leave comments, click here to register an account.
  • The site is now skinned. And what that means is that each person can choose the design they want to view the site in. Your computer must allow cookies in order to be able to change designs. And I have a number of designs available with more being added in time.
  • The Fame the Musical and Fame L.A. sections are available under Extras. I still want to have those areas on the site but majority of the visitors to this site are here for the movie or series and so I will be concentrating on those more. That does not mean that I will not be updating the musical or Fame L.A. sections when need be.
  • I hope to be adding a lot more to the site but for now I only have a few small updates to announce. I have added screen stills from Jesse Borrego's recent appearance on CSI: Crime Scene Investigations. Lyrics to the song Hi-Fidelity have been added, in two versions. A couple additions have been made to the Other Memorabilia page.
  • The new site, as you might have noticed, is on my address and not the address. I will be transferring the .com address hopefully before the end of January. Once it's transferred, the site will be accesible from either address.

Well, I think I've covered everything. I see I'm a little late opening the site up though. It's officially Monday now.

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Paul on Jan 14 2008 01:30 am

I found this site today and really enjoyed it. Also found the music clips on youtube. This made me go dig out my to tapes I have from way back when and now I have to find a way to get them transfered to CD so I can listen to them! I looked on ITunes also...they don't carry any songs from the TV show...

marzy on Jan 14 2008 11:56 am

try the kids from fame cd.

kitkat4234 on Jan 14 2008 12:53 pm

I'll try to leave a comment here again. I registered last night but wasn't being recognized. Love the site!

Roberta on Jan 16 2008 03:40 am

The new site is ace thumbsup - very professional, skillfully designed and complete...and it shows all the passion and care and dedication of someone who's been keeping FAME alive for the last 10-and-something years. I'm sure everyone who likes FAME is in love with this site more than ever, and I'm also inviting all the FAME fans out there to join the happiest and friendliest community on the net...feel free to scroll down to "Extras" and click on "Message Board" - we're waiting for you! smile wave

1Famefan on Jan 17 2008 11:13 am

Awesome new look and love the new things you put on - great job, Pam.

Pam on Jan 17 2008 04:20 pm

Thank you all for the kind comments.

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