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Two possible opportunities for Fame fans.
Posted Jun 19 2008 by Pam

I was recently contacted by a couple people who could use the help of Fame fans in projects they are working on.  If anyone is interested, please contact me with your name and email so that I can pass along your information. When doing so, please state which person (or both) that you would like your information passed along to.

Email from Michael A. Hoey

I was closely associated with the original "Fame" series from 1981 to 1986. Initially as the supervising editor of the first season - I also edited
every third episode that year including "Metamorphosis" & "Passing Grade", I received Emmy nominations for each of those episodes. In 1982 I became a writer and producer on the show and in 1983 I began directing a number of episodes. You can see more about me on my web site

Last October I had my first book published entitled, "Elvis, Sherlock and
Me: How I Survived Growing up in Hollywood." I am now at work on my second book, which will be about "Fame" and contain my recollections of what happened behind the scenes as well as numerous interviews with performers and creative personel.

I would love to hear from your members which were their favorite episodes and if they had any first hand experiences or photographs with any of the cast. Perhaps at one of the concerts held in London.

Email from Simon

I'm an Executive Producer at So TV one of the UK's leading TV production companies.

We're currently developing a one-off prime time special for C4 celebrating 'Fame'.

We've done a number of these celebratory specials before and have always involved superfans who act as consultants for us.

I'm writing to see if I can get the ball rolling with your good selves - it
would be brilliant to not only involve the fans onscreen but help us out in
terms of focusing on the stars and storylines which mean the most.

Second email with additional information:

As promised, I’m writing with some more information about the programme we’re making for Channel 4 in the UK which is celebrating the TV series ‘Fame’. The show is called ‘Bring Back’ and is hosted by Justin Lee Collins. It’s a really fun prime time show, hosted by a true fan and is the latest in a series of highly respected and popular specials including ‘The A Team’, ‘Dallas’ and ‘Star Wars’.

We always involve the real fans as part of the production both behind the scenes and on screen and I wanted to chat to you about the following:

1) Its always useful for us to have a couple of superfans who we can call for advice on trivia and clips (especially if they have an encyclopaedic knowledge of the show and can name memorable moments at the drop of a hat). Ideally they would be UK based (just because of the time difference) but we can work with people in the US too.

2) While a DVD of series 1 has been released we’d also like to find anybody who might have any of the other series on VHS / taped off air which we might be able to borrow luckily on our Dallas show we found a superfan who had all the episodes on VHS and this was invaluable as a research tool.

3) At some point we’ll be looking to involve US-based fans in the programme.

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Roberta on Jun 29 2008 10:58 am

This is really great news! I hope some UK-US fans can help. And I'm looking forward to the book! thumbsup thumbsup thumbsup

Pam on Jun 30 2008 10:02 am

I am looking forward to the book as well. smile

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