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Posted Oct 25 2010 by Pam

Alright! Where to begin.

In February of this year I finally went to a doctor for a wound that developed on my face in February of last year. I pretty much blew it off because I don't have health insurance, so I don't normally go to the doctors. The doctor said it looked like a basal cell carcinoma, which is a form of skin cancer. She said I should see a specialist (a Dermatologist) because although she could have done a biopsy herself she didn't want to do it because of the fact that it's directly below my right eye.

The doctor, knowing that I didn't have health insurance, recommended that I apply for medical assistance. The initial application was rejected but upon rejection the information was sent to another program which said I qualified but it could take up to two years to be put on the list because of lack of funding. The doctor in turn filled out a temporary disability form for me and sent it into the original assistance office (I guess she thought it would help me get approved, I don't know) but in July I received yet another rejection letter.

One of my sisters and a friend of ours finally convinced me that despite the lack of insurance, or even the money to pay the medical bills, I should go and get the biopsy done and whatever is necessary based on the results of the biopsy. Well, I had the biopsy done last Wednesday (Oct. 20th) and the doctor has already scheduled me for surgery before even getting the results. Guess he's that sure of what it is. So, I'm scheduled for surgery December 1st.

That's pretty much it, so far, with regards to my health.

Now, that's not all that's been going on. I guess, because of being told that I probably have skin cancer it sort of put me in this mood ... which is probably the main reason I just dropped off the face of the earth with regards to my website and such. But at the same time, it made me want to do other things that I've wanted to do and would regret not doing, especially when I have the opportunity to do them.

In July I went to Whistler, BC, Canada because I was invited to this years Mozilla Summit. Mozilla paid for the whole trip and I'd been wanting to go to Vancouver. It was beautiful there, to say the least. Took a bunch of pictures while I was there.

Also, the movie I Am Number Four was having an open casting call this summer but because I promised my sister to take her somewhere the day of the casting call, I didn't get to go and I was bummed about it. So, in August when I heard through Facebook about the movie Abduction needing extras I sent an email with my information. I figured I wouldn't be called because I explained about my face but I got a call the next morning. Although I didn't get to do any filming that first day I was called back for a different scene later in the week. In fact, I worked as an extra for seven days and it was awesome! Got to work alongside Taylor Lautner (from the Twilight Saga movies) most often but also worked with Michael Nyqvist and Alfred Molina. Although Lily Collins was there a couple of the days, I didn't get to film any scenes with her in them.

I would love to do more work as an extra and in fact, I sent in my info for the movie that's currently filming in Pittsburgh called A New York Heartbeat but haven't heard anything yet. It's a mobster type movie set in the 50's which would be interesting to be involved with but I'm not going to get my hopes up too much. And, of course, with having surgery in December, this may be my last chance.

So ... that's some of what has been going on with me. I do hope you all can understand and forgive me for my absence from the site.


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Roberta on Oct 26 2010 02:56 pm

You know your friends will always support you, no matter how long you disappear smile. We all missed the sites updates of course, but I'm sure everyone missed you more - I for one did. It's great that you got to play an extra role in a movie - I can't wait to see you in it! Good luck with your surgery...A really big hug!

zenreglisse on Nov 18 2010 07:02 pm

hey, I don't know you much because I joined the forum quit late, but I hope things will get better with you rhealth, I'ms sending as much positive thought as I can!

And great that you played in a movie, that should be awesome!!!

Good luck with everything smile

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