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Date of birth: January 19, 1961, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Astrological Sign: Capricorn
Son: William Thomas, born October 2000


New Suit (2002) .... Braggy Shoot
NBC 75th Anniversary Special (2002) (TV) .... Himself
Last Mistake (2000) .... Jimmy
Last Producer, The (2000) .... Austin Green
"From the Earth to the Moon" (1998) (mini) TV Series .... Astronaut Pete Conrad
"ER" (1994) TV Series .... Dr. Robert Romano (1997-2003)
"Champs" (1996) TV Series .... Dr. Herb Barton
"Under Suspicion" (1994) TV Series .... Detective Jim Clarke
Shawshank Redemption, The (1994) .... Guard Trout
"Heaven & Hell: North & South, Book III" (1994) (mini) TV Series .... Klawdell
Zelda (1993) (TV)
Strapped (1993) (TV) .... Mitch Corman
Portrait, The (1993) (TV) .... Bartel
With Murder in Mind (1992) (TV)
"Cop Rock" (1990) TV Series .... Det. Bob McIntire
Money, Power, Murder. (1989) (TV) .... Billy Lynn
Deadline: Madrid (1988) (TV) .... Doug Dugan
Blob, The (1988) .... Deputy Bill Briggs
RoboCop (1987) .... Emil Antonowsky
Purple Hearts (1984) .... Brenner
Hotel New Hampshire, The (1984) .... Frank Berry
We're Fighting Back (1981) (TV) .... 'Preacher'
Baby Comes Home (1980) (TV) .... Bobby Moore
Fame (1980) .... Montgomery MacNeil
Death Penalty (1980) (TV) .... Joey Rodick
Rocky II (1979) .... Young Patient


"ER" (1994) TV Series (episode "Next of Kin")

Notable TV Guest Appearances

"Citizen Baines" (2001) playing "Sherman Bloom" in episode: "The Whole Thump-Thump-Thump"
"Citizen Baines" (2001) playing "Sherman Bloom" in episode: "A Day Like No Other"
"List, The" (1999) playing "Himself" in episode: "Best Song Lyrics"
"Practice, The" (1997) playing "Martin Parks" in episode: "Race With the Devil"
"Touched by an Angel" (1994) playing "Grant Abbott" in episode: "Have You Seen Me?"
"Practice, The" (1997) playing "Martin Parks" in episode: "Part I"
"X Files, The" (1993) playing "Leonard Betts" in episode: "Leonard Betts"
"Chicago Hope" (1994) playing "Bob Broussard" in episode: "The Parent Rap"
"Commish, The" (1991) playing "Neil Perry" in episode: "All That Glitters"
"Sirens" (1993) playing "Leon" in episode: "Holy Deadlock"
"Law & Order" (1990) playing "James Lee Pawl" in episode: "Jurisdiction"
"Superboy" (1988) playing "Chaos" in episode: "To Be Human (Part 2)"
"Superboy" (1988) playing "Chaos" in episode: "To Be Human (Part 1)"
"Wiseguy" (1987) playing "Johnny Medley" in episode: "High Dollar Bop"
"Wiseguy" (1987) playing "Johnny Medley" in episode: "The Rip-Off Stick"
"Wiseguy" (1987) playing "Johnny Medley" in episode: "And it Comes Out Here"
"Equalizer, The" (1985) playing "Crocker" in episode: "Silent Fury"
"Wiseguy" (1987) playing "Johnny Medley" in episode: "Dead Dog Lives"
"Hill Street Blues" (1981) playing "Albert Sawyer" in episode: "Come and Get It"

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