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Date of Birth: May 24th, 1962 in Harlem, New York
Astrological Sign: Gemini
Passed Away: November 14th, 2003


Eddie - 1996
Out-of-Sync - 1995
Fame - 1980

TV Series

"Buona Domenica" - 2001 (Italian show)
"Fame" - 1982
"Vendredi ou la vie sauvage"- 1981(TV)
"Robinson Crusoe" (TV mini-series)


Carrie - 1988

Guest Appearances

"Drew Carey Show" -  as a dancer
"Linc's" - 1998 (as himself)
"Hollywood Squares" (1987, as the Kids from Fame, with Carlo Imperato & Ann
Nelson) he even danced on the show!
"Kids Are People Too" (TV show)
"Win, Lose or Draw" (1988, as a guest twice that same year, TV show)


Was a dance co-ordinator for the soap "The Young and The Restless"
"Eddie" - 1996 (associate choreographer)
"The Gene Anthony Ray Show" - was performed on board a cruise ship.

Did You Know?

  • Gene never had any formal dance training. He picked up moves on the street.
  • Once won a NY competition for Best Disco Dancer
  • Was once enrolled in the High School For The Performing Arts, but couldn't go it.
  • Went on to compete against 2,600 people (including graduates of the Performing Arts High School) for the role of Leroy on Fame.


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