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AQUABOX  [the evolution will not be televised]

01. Bubble Gum
02. The Evolution Will Not Be Televised
03. Cold? Lonely?
04. Yayoi
05. Dream Love
06. Somethin Missin
07. Dick Nixon and the Rover
08. Sweet Clarity
09. Star2star
10. I Keep Runnin Back
11. Wheatfield w/Crows
12. Sedona
13. Down
14. Neon Vernacular
15. On My Mind
16. Hannah Is A Sista
17. Oo La

CD booklet cover designed by Lee Curreri and features a picture of his son Joey before birth. CD design created by Lee's wife Sherry.

Produced and Arranged by Lee Curreri
©2001 Xacca Sounds

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