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Sam Slovick was a member of various bands and here you will get to learn a little more about each and to hear some of the songs. Please, if you know anything else about Sam's bands or albums, let me know.

Ultra Persona (most current band)
Louie Says
The Pedantiks

The albums & singles shown below are all from Sam's band Louie Says.

Louie Says is:
Sam Slovick - Lead Vocals
Clark Stiles - Guitar, Bass, Drums, etc.
Josh Crawley - Keyboards and Vocals


01. Cold To The Touch
02. How Many Mondays
03. Mercy Always
04. Shine
05. Unusual Girl
06. Simone
07. Chiffon
08. The View From In Here
09. Cellophane Girl
10. Forgivable Rain
11. She  [lyrics]
12. Model In Paris (Hidden Track)

COLD TO THE TOUCH  cd maxi single

01. Cold To The Touch (LP Version)
02. Cold To The Touch (Remix)
03. Shine
04. Why, Why, Why

COLD TO THE TOUCH  promo single

01. Harder And Faster Mix
02. Album Mix (Edit)
03. Clear Blue Mix
04. Album Mix
05. Suggested Callout Hook #1 (Harder And Faster Mix)
06. Suggested Callout Hook #2 (Album Mix)
07. Suggested Callout Hook #3 (Clear Blue Mix)

SHE   single

01. Radio Edit
02. Album Version
03. Suggested Callout Hook

OUT OF DESIRE  clear vinyl single

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