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Music is Lee Curreri's life. When Lee was six a neighbour gave the Curreri family an old piano, and that started his interest in music. While still at school he attended music and acting classes, and this led to Lee's appearance in the Fame feature film. His performance in the film was highly rated by the critics, so when NBC came to cast for the Fame series there was really only one person suitable for the part of Bruno Martelli - and that person was Lee.

From the start he made a great impact on the series, not only acting and singing but also writing many original songs.

Unlike Bruno, Lee's interest in music is wide ranging, and he composes in a classical as well as a modern vein. He composed the incidental music for the film version of Chekhov's The Seagull, and also wrote the score for the TV film Bill On His Own starring Mickey Rooney. “Scoring the music and doing the ochestration was exciting,” said Lee, “but conducting the 25-piece orchestra was frightening!” He also found time to write, arrange and record a solo album.

“I love acting,” says Lee, “and I love being part of Fame. But I'm really happiest when I'm thinking and creating, which is what Fame has allowed me to do. It's given me the financial status and the time to work on my music. That's why, as far as I'm concerned, the series can live forever!”


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