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Erica Gimpel was born and brought up in Manhattan, and attended the School of Performing Arts, the actual school that Fame is based on. She did a lot of acting there, but started to major in dancing when she got the part of Coco Hernandez in the show.

She acted as a child, touring in Porgy and Bess with her mother (a singer), a period that took her to Portugal and Australia as well as America.

Then it was back to school in New York - at least until the auditions for the Fame TV series began, and Erica landed the role that Irene Cara had played in the film.

But even after the great success of Fame Erica was keen to continue her education, and between seasons of the series she went back to the School of Performing Arts.

So what of the future? Erica would like to play in a movie or on stage in a role that would show a different side of her range - the classics, maybe. Or, in her own words: I want to play every character, every type of woman.


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