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Valerie Landsburg was brought up in California in a showbusiness environment, for her father is successful producer Alan Landsburg, and right from the start the school subject that interested her most was drama.

While she was at college studying psychology she worked part-time for him as a production assistant, so the world of film is a very familiar one for her. Valerie abandoned her college studies when she landed her first part in the disco film Thank God It's Friday - and she hasn't looked back since, acting in theatre, film, and now Fame.

But she insists that her father has no unfair influence on her career; his name hasn't got her parts. “I read and test for parts just like everybody else,” she says.

In fact Valerie tested for the part of Doris Schwartz in the original film of Fame, and was rejected, even though she knew she was right for the part. Then, three years on, Valerie tested for the TV show. “I thought, if they don't cast me, I'll get out of the business,” she remembers. “they can't possibly find anybody who can do this any better than I can.”

The producers agreed, and Valerie has gone on to create a very strong and sympathetic character in fast-talking, heart-of-gold Doris. She loves the show, and loves acting. “I'm lucky to be paid for doing something that I would do for free. I'm in the only profession (apart from pro sports) where adults get paid for doing what children do for free.”



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