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I was interested to find your site on fame.  20 years ago I was on my way to Australia via LA, staying with friends in Burbank, Ca... just on a whim I called up the studio where Fame was filmed, and asked if I could go see the filming.  Because I'm English and had an accent, the girl I spoke with said 'ok' and left me a pass at the gate to come the next day.  I spent about 2 and a half days watching the filming of Spontaneous Combustion.  I was able to make friends with some of the grips, and the director at the time was lovely - I don't recall his name.

I met a few of the cast, although was reluctant to go up to any uninvited.  I found that the lady who played Doris wasn't very nice, and a bit snobby, not at all how I thought the fun loving character of Doris would be!  Leroy and his friends weren't very friendly either, but the guy who played Danny was very nice and spoke to me briefly.  Janet Jackson was also on set, but I never had the opportunity to meet her.  I believe I spoke to Nia Peeples briefly who was very nice.  It was a real experience for a 20 year old fan of the show.  I remember being in one area using the phone, and the guy playing Billy (I think) came out to rehearse his dance routine right in front of me!

I think that as an outsider, I wasn't embraced by the cast as much as I was by the grips - who took me to lunch in this big pink 57 Chevy, and told me all their stories about working on other soaps like Knots Landing and Dallas.  I could have kept going and watching, but didn't really fell as though I belonged there.

I never did get to see the episode that I watched being filmed which was a shame, and I don't think there are re-runs on anywhere anymore.


Janine Myers

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