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by María García-Mon


He couldn't sleep. There was four in the morning, and Jesse was still thinking on the talk he had listen, casually, that morning at school's corridor. He couldn't believe it. Nicole'll come back to school. And he was the last knowing it.
He didn't understand why his friends didn't tell him what they knew about Nicki. Really he understands, they wouldn't hurt him, they know that, although they broke up, and she left to Los Angeles for working in a TV series, he never stopped loving her, he still loves her, maybe too much.
He was alone in his little room, the bed was a mess, nothing to eat at the fridge, and his guitar upon the table, ... and he couldn't stop thinking on her.

His mind moved back till a night, two months before Nicole left, when she decided to broke it off. He had thought about that night many times. He didn't understand very good what happens. Nicole, crying, broke up with him.
 - "I thought you loved me"
 - "I do love you Jesse, I'm just not sure I love you enough"
What kind of reason was that ?, was his fault ?, maybe, didn't he show her his feelings enough ? But he was so. And loves her with all his soul.

After that, there was two strange months, they act like very good friends, go out together, make jokes, talk a lot, ... though neither of them start any relationship, and he thought they'd get back together, he was sure ... and then, that contract. They offer to Nicole a role in a sit com in LA, and, logically, she left.
They remained like friends, and promises to kept contact, but the true is that, he only had received a couple of Hollywood post cards, and a very short phone call.
It's almost a year he don't see her, but he can remember perfectly each centimetre of her, the sound of her voice, her way of looking him ...
He really doesn't know how he feels about seeing her again. He has imaging the scene hundred times in his mind, but now it's different.

This was second time he listen a talk between Ian and Reggie he wasn't supposed to. That was how he got wind of she was dating someone in LA.
- "I talk yesterday to Nicole, she was so glad. She is dating a TV producer, she looks very happy."
When Ian realized that Jess was there, it's too late.
It hurts him more than anything he could remember. He always had the hope, that Nicki'll get back with him, but now ... That was a hard hit, he still hasn't overcome.
That night he locked up himself at home, didn't allow the guys rounded him to bars, and cheers he up. Nothing could cheer he up. He just wanna be alone. Was that night, when he wrote "She's like the wind", the song's makes him win the composition's contest several weeks after. The song that all his friends realized he wrote to Nicki, that let them knew he still loves her, and that Wanda don't mean anything at all.
The song he is singing now, with tears in his eyes.

She's like the wind through me tree
She rides the night next to me
She leads me through moonlight
Only to burn me with the sun
She's taken my heart
But she doesn't know what she's done

Feel her breath on my face
Her body close to me
Can't look in her eyes
She's out of my league
Just a fool to believe
I have anything she needs
She´s like the wind

I look in the mirror and all I see
Is a young old man with only a dream
Am I  just fooling myself
That she'll stop the pain
Living without her
I'd go insane

Feel her breath on my face
Her body close to me
Can't look in her eyes
She's out of my league
Just a fool to believe
I have anything she needs
She's like the wind

After that night, he starts to draw he has improve it, that he's all right. That's how he meets Wanda, in a bar. She is completely the opposite of Nicole is. A blonde girl, luxuriant, and not very smart, or as Danny says a "big bust -- no brain" girl. He go out with the guys, that want cheer he up, and they finish up that bar. She was the waitress, he drunk a lot, and when the morning after they awake together, they just let it be.
He never loves Wanda. He just starts dating her, in order to Ian and Danny stop telling him to go out, get fun, and forget Nicole. But, how can he forget Nicole?
They were together almost three weeks, Jesse broke up when found her in other guy's arms, but the true, is that it never minded him. He doesn't tell it to his friends, if they thought he was with Wanda, maybe let him alone. And by the moment, that's what they thought.

And now Nicole is coming home. The sit com has been cancel, it hasn't the necessary audience, although he has seen every episode, and Nicole is coming home.
Would she come with that guy? The just idea makes him sick, he can't stands see her with another man.
Nicole is coming back.
And he, suddenly realizes he doesn't lose the hope.

Scene 2: REGGIE'S ROOM (that same night)

Although the idea is be awake all night studying Biology, Ian fall over the book an hour ago. Reggie is making some coffee, but her thoughts are in another place.
- Get I sleep, Reggie?
- That what it's seems! Want some coffee?
- Sure. You're worry about Jesse too, aren't you?
- We should tell him. It isn't right the way he get noticed.
- Yeah. How you think he takes it?
- Don't know. He looks fine. Although I always thought he's still in love for her.
- And what's about Wanda?
- C'mon Ian! Jesse never loves Wanda! It was clear the contest night, even I've dudes about they're still together, you know, there's hundred years we don't see her, he never talks about her, and when you ask, simply says "good". I think they broke it up, though he doesn't tell us.
- Yeah, that makes sense! Anyway, she's silly, I don't know what can Jess see in her. Now it's important he takes all the Nicole's stuff easy, and goes slowly, cause it's crystalline he'll try to get her back, won't he?
- Yes, that would be great!
- Good, we'll try help him, tomorrow we can talk to the guys.
- You think that she come with that guy, the producer?
- I wish not. God, it's so weird! I always thought Nicole gets back with Jesse, you know why they broke up?
- No, they didn't tell, and I didn't ask. Don't know what could happen.
- Anyway, it's gonna be a weird situation, ... though, if that producer comes, who knows! May contract us!!!!
- IAN !!!!
- Eh, I'm just kidding, ok! Just kidding!
- I don't know. I don't like all this. I think we are being unfair.
- I know. We're just thinking Jesse, but not Nicole, how she feels or what she wants. Maybe she's happy with that guy, we are here, making plans to help Jesse, and it's possible she doesn't love him.
- Exact, that is! I think we have to wait till she's here, and see how the things are, and even that, I'm not sure if we best keep apart.
- I don't think so, Reggie. I'm still grateful to Jillian, if she didn't take part, and compel you to go my home that night, possible we aren't together now.
- That's true, she was great with us! Ah, what a smart boyfriend I have! Come here, (says Reggie in a seducer voice)
Ian gets up, goes slowly to her, they embrace, and kiss each other with passion in their eyes.

Scene 3: THE CAFETERIA (next day)

There're all eating at school's cafeteria, like ever.
Finally Jesse talks about the thing no one dare to.
- Ok, Nicki arrives tomorrow. Are all of us going to the airport or prepare a surprise party at Lou's?
- We can go all to the airport, and after have the party, what do you think? Would it be a big mess?
- I can talk to Lou this afternoon, and sure Chriss help me to convince him. And also, I can notice some teachers, they'd like to go, I'm sure. Dusty says happily.
Everybody agree that would be terrific.
- Ok, Jesse says getting up of table, we are on that. I'm going music room, if don't finish that damned work, Shorofsky'll kill me.
As soon as he left the cafeteria, everybody shut up, and looked expectant. The silence was broken by Maxie, the only one in the group who didn't know Nicole.
- Ok guys, I really don't think the situation is so serious! What happens? She's coming back, and I think Jesse is all right, you know, he's like ever, I mean since I know him, glad, lively, funny ... why are you so worry? He looks fine!
- Yeah, - Danny answers Maxie -, he looks fine. And yes, he's as always, and I mean as always, even when he was with Nicole, he's not good with showing his feelings Maxie, but, that song he played at the contest, give us the clue. He tells how he feels really, and was pretty graphical "she's taken my heart".
- Sure, there was very clear how he feels, pointed Jillian, for everyone but the "plastic doll", she thought the song was about the wind. By the way, Will Jesse go with Wanda tomorrow?
- Ian and me thought they broke up, says Reggie. Don't you think same? There's hundreds years we don't know anything about her.
- Maybe, agree Danny, it's so possible.
- Ok, we let Jillie makes attack's plan, quipped Ian, she does it very good with us!
They all burst into laughter, knew very good the story of how Jillian dragged Reggie into Ian's in the middle of the night, in order she listened the song he wrote for her.
- Would be there a plan in earnest? Maxie takes amazing glance to them. I mean, that you were different guys, but now we don't know if she loves him, and if she doesn't, it's better try help him improve all this stuff, don't you think same way?
Leroy, who has been so quiet, answered Maxie :
- I think we must wait and see how things are, if we see any chance, try to do anything, you don't see them together, Maxie, they are one to the other.
Although Leroy has been graduated, and had a work at Broadway's musical, many times, he went to eat with his friends at school, he missed them.
- Maxie prefers him to improve it, so she can date Jesse! Eh! A good plan can be, he dates you for making she feels jealous! You would like it, eh Maxie?
Maxie shot Miltie a withering glance, and he shuts up immediately.
- Ok, -Ian goes to the rescue-, I'm directing next show, sure it helps, you know, I chose the main characters, rehearsal hours ... We have time to think about all this, but Leroy is right, we have to wait. So by now, we only have to think in the big party we're gonna have tomorrow.



The party is becoming a success. Everybody is singing, dancing, and kidding. They're having a really good time, Mr. Shorofsky even danced a little, and Lou invited everybody to a beat.
When most of people had left, their friends always, stayed speaking peacefully with Nicole, in a table of the bottom, while Lou had just picked up everything.
Danny was the first one in interrogating Nicole:
- Good, tell us, how's it going Holly?
All wanted to know about their friend that left to live and to work to Los Angeles, and was triumphing in a sit com.
- Holly continues as always. I have passed it phenomenal with her, she allowed me to live in her house, taught me everything, introduced me to a lot of people, and she gave me big advisees. She is very well, they are also about to take out her album that is gonna be a great thing. I also saw Doris!, she passed over there with the theatre company in which is and we went to see her, the little girl is beautiful, and her husband is charming. It was brilliant some days to pass with them. And we were also with Cleo; Jesse, do you remember how sad she was to have to move there? Because now she is charmed, she works in a discography company, and they have told her that inside little they're going to record a scale model.
Jesse smiled remembering the time that Nicole and he found Cleo crying to have to leave the school. They were good moments for them.
- And what about the work, Nicki? Ian asked
- Well, until they tossed us to all! No, the truth is that it has been very well, I have learned many things, and that the series won't work it was not blame of anybody. Anyway, be glad me to have returned, I missed you a lot all!
It was Reggie the one that asked what nobody dared:
- And your boyfriend, the producer? Won't he come with you?
- He has a lot of work. But good, c'mon, tell me about you!, how's it going everything here? how's it going you outside of the school, Leroy?
To Jesse, it didn't pass him inadvertent the speed with which Nicole changed topic and it deviated the look. That could be a good sign for him.
- Goes me well. Leroy answered. Now work in a musical, in Broadway, I am in the choir, but for something it's necessary to begin, I cannot complain. Is the truth that it goes us well in the real world, hey Chriss?
- Yes, they go leaving enough works. Chriss Donland said. I now make publicity and song in several clubs, it is well, not so well as Holly, but it is well.

They spent the rest of the night being things, speaking of functions, rehearsals and anecdotes, of exams and classes, of how to study scripts, of the world of television, of all that had made each one, and also of all that they planned to make, joking, singing and dancing, until already Lou tossed them at dawn when he said that he was not able to more and he closed the local.

Certainly Nicole was stupendous. All they thought it. The same as when she left, she had not changed in the absolute thing, and she seems to be very cheerful and pleases of being another time at home, of seeing all their friends again. Although there was something strange in her eyes that perhaps had to do with the speed with which avoided to speak of that boy, a bottom of sadness that stops Reggie and Jillian it didn't happen inadvertent.


Ian and Jesse were alone, rehearsing a piece for the class of Mr. Seager.
- Good Velásquez, for me has been well.
- It has not been bad, but we could improve the second it leaves a little.
- Let's have a rest pal!, we take two hours with this damned scene!
- OK. Five minutes. Do we go to the cafeteria?
- No..., Jesse..., me..., I wanna speak with you man, let's stay here.
- Shoot up.
- Good..., me..., hey..., why did Nicole and you break?
- Don't you walk yourself around, hey?, is that to be direct! Oh yes!
- I'm sorry, it's just that....
-... Yes it's just that you die from curiosity, and that Reggie has put under an obligation to wonder it, not?
- Hummmm..... Yes. Ian responded between embarrassed and amusing.
- Sincerely Ian, I don't know. She wanted to break, she said that she loved me, but that she doesn't know if loves me enough. I didn't understand it then, and I continue without understanding.
- Buff...., and you....?
- Yes. I still love her, pal. So much that it hurts me. I always thought that we be together again, but then she left to LA, and, you know....
- Yeah. And the explosive girl?
- Wanda?, Jesse laugh, did I break up months ago with her! Let us say that she behaved too well, with several of the clients of the bar. I cannot believe  that you didn't notice it!
- We just suspected it. Are you well?
- All that I can be. But every time I see her.... I believed that I would take it better, as before she left, but it is very hard. I find difficult a lot of being her friend, because I don't feel single friendship for her, I don't know if you understand me.
- Of course. To Reggie it passed her something like that with me, just that I didn't realize, perhaps Nicole needs that somebody gives him a jog, like Jillian made with us.
- What do you mean?
- I mean that I directing the next function, and if  you want...
- If I want, what?
- Good, you know,... I can make you to pass hours rehearsing with Nicole.
-  Ian, I don't know if it is good idea.
- You could sing her the song that you wrote.
- I am writing another.
- That is brilliant! You can sing it in the function, dancing with her.
- Buff,..., Ian, I thank it to you,... but...
- But what?, What does happen Jess?
- I'm afraid.
- Jesse Velásquez is afraid? C'mon pal, your never...!
- Don't make fun.
- Ok, sorry.  I believed that you are kidding. But, afraid of what?
- I wouldn't support that she rejected me. She was the one that broke, why will she want to return with me? If she loved me, she would be the one that made something, no?, I don't  stop to give turns to all this. And if I make a mistake forcing the things? Now everything goes perfect with her, and if I press it,... good, I don't want to lose her, and I would conform with being her friend if there's not more option. I don't know. I don't have anything clear.
- Yeah. I don't know what to tell you, man. But I believe if you love her, and it is, of course, you should make something without caring you what happens. If not, you would never forgive yourself not having attempted it. - - You are right. But...
- Look, take it easy. Go slowly. Come closer to her, and if you see the moment, you rush.
- Do you know?, that stuff of the rehearsals begin to sound very well.
- Sure! look, rehearse with her, you two speak, found her again, and if you find that it goes well, you can use the letter of the song.
- What do you mean?
- Is the music that you have composed good without letter?
- I believe that, but...
- Ok, you have to show it to me, if I like, we use it. If for the day of the function you believe that it is the moment to tell her as you feel, you sing it, and if not, we will simply use the music.
- You are brilliant Ian. Seriously, thank you pal.
- Be my guest. For that the friends are, not?
Both hug each other. Jesse retires, putting expensive threatening:
- If you repeat a single word of what I have told you outside of here, you are dead.
- Hey!, you can trust me, I'll be a tomb.
Jesse smiles to his friend, when he leaves the room hastily:
- I have tell it to Reggie!
- Hey, neither be happened! Ian, returns here! Damned it is!

Both go away for the corridor, running and kidding, on the way to the class of Literature. They meet with Danny and Jillian for the road.

- Danny, Jillie! Do you know that we arrive so late to Literature class?, does Ian ask them while they go by his side.
- Seriously?, Damned, it's truth!, let's go Danny!

The four come out running to the classroom, and they enter one second before Ms. NewMeyer that looks them with disapproval expression. Although this new teacher is good with them, all miss Ms. Sherwood a lot, she really understood them. Jesse occupied the free seat beside Nicole, and the other ones three sat down to the bottom, preparations to support another boring class on the sonnets of Shakespeare.

- Well, for where we stay yesterday?,... Ms. Chapman?
- We were analyzing the sonnets of Shakespeare. Nicole answered.
- Yes, it is certain. Let us see,... does Mister Velásquez, since almost arrive late, would it be so kind of reading us the sonnet hundred sixteen?
- Sure. Jesse looked for the page, and began to read aloud:
Let me not the marriage of true minds
Admit impediments: love is not love
Which alters when it alteration finds, -the voice of Jesse trembled slightly -
Or bends with the remover to remove.
Oh no! it is an ever-fixëd mark
That looks on tempests, and is never shaken; -Jesse couldn't avoid to look at Nicole, she was also looking him, he continued with a knot in his throat -
It is the star to every wandering bark,
Whose worth's unknown, although his height be taken. -Ian didn't give credit to its hearings, incredible, as if they had chosen it on purpose, but it could not be, Ms. NewMeyer, didn't know anything -
Love's not Time fool, though rosy lips and cheeks
Within his bending sickle's compass come;
Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks, - the heart of Jesse beat very quickly, as wanting to escape from its chest -
But bears it out even to the edge of doom: -a tear travelled Nicole's cheek-
If this be error, and upon me proved,
I never writ, nor no man ever loved.

The class stayed in complete silence. Reggie and Jillian were looked and smiled, and Danny called to Ian, but he didn't pay attention, he was looking at Jesse that looked sweetly at Nicole. The teacher broke the silence:

- I see that they have liked. Miss Chapman, you seem excited, what can you say of the sonnet?
- It has been beautiful. Nicole answered moving away with a hand, the tears that ran for her face.
- Can somebody tell us of what speaks the sonnet?, did the teacher ask looking at Jesse, but didn't he lift the view of the text.
Reggie lifted the hand with stability.
- Miss Higgins?
- Yes, it speaks of true love, the eternal love. Says that it doesn't care neither the time, neither the distance, and that the love is the compass of the life. And that it lasts forever.
- Very well, Ms. Higgins. Would Mister Amatullo, want now, to analyze the form of the sonnet?

When the class finished, the boys left to the music room, Jesse will teach hiss new song to Ian, so can be included in the function. Nicole was seated, picking up her things, with absent look. Reggie came closer to speak with her friend.

- Nicki, are you well?
- Sure.
- You seem sad.
- No, just a little excited. That sonnet has been beautiful, Shakespeare is incredible.
- Yeah, that Jesse read it,  hasn't anything to do?
- No! C'mon Regg, we are friends, that's all.
- Then, does it have to do with the producer of  LA, not?
- No. The truth is that not. I don't think too much in him.
- No?, I believed that you were in love...
- I also believed it. But....
- Nicki, you know that you can trust me, and  it'll come you well to speak with somebody.
- Yes,... good,... us,... we broke before I returned to New York, but I am well. Seriously. It was the best thing. He didn't turn out to be as I imagined.
- Good, in that case,... for sure it has not been for Jesse?
Nicole deviated her friend's look, and answered in a whisper.
- Perhaps yes. I don't know.
- Do you know that Jesse continues loving you, truth?
- Don't tell silly things Reggie. Now we are friends, and it's good this way. I don't know because I've been moved. I'm silly.
- Do you want to convince me or you?
But Nicole didn't answer, she picked up her things and left the classroom.

The song "Hungry eyes" is performed by Eric Carmen, and wrote by Franke Previte and John DeNicola in the album of the Original Soundtrack from "Dirty Dancing".


It was late, there's no one at the corridors. Nicole was getting warm at the dance classroom, while she waits Jesse for rehearsing.

Ian asked her to dance with Jesse in the show, it seemed her a little soon participate in the shows of the school again, she was just few weeks that had returned, but accepted partly for the insistence of Ian, and partly because she really wants dance with Jesse again. During those weeks the things had gone very well, she put on quickly a day with their studies, and was happy of being again with their partners. Mainly of seeing Jesse every day again, they had reinforced their friendship, now they were taken better than never, and they were good friends again.

The noise of the door scared her, but she was tranquillised when seeing Jesse come in.

- I don't wanna scare you. Sorry, I'm late.
- It doesn't care. Do we begin?
- <Begin? -Jesse thought- we should continue where we leave it, Nicki, I love you> Sure. What do you think about the song?
- It's great <As all that you do>, you haven't write the letter?
- <Of course I did, and  speaks just  of  you> No,... but I am in it, perhaps I  finish it for the show. Every way Ian says that it doesn't matter.
- Will you leave me to read when you finish it? <Why am I  so nervous?, is Jesse, I've danced with him hundred of times>
- Sure. <I don't know if some day I will dare to show  it to you >
- OK,... come on....

Jesse connected a cassette, the music began to sound, it was an intoxicant melody with a lot of force. And they began to dance (all those that have seen "Dirty Dancing" recognize the music and the dance, and we know that moment of tension, when their faces are so close).
They was a lot of time rehearsing, and they were very tired, decided to take a rest.
They sat down in the floor, and shared a bottle of water.

- Buff,... Nicole said, I should be losing the form, I am out.
- We are working hard. It will be a great show.
- That's what I hope!

There was tension in the atmosphere, as if none of both knew what to say, or how behaving. It was Jesse who decided to begin a serious conversation, he wanted to make it since Nicki returned, but he had never dared, and now it was a good moment.

- Can I ask you a personal question? Don't answer if you don't want...
- Shoot.
- You are not with that guy, truth?
- Has Reggie told it to you?
- No. I have imagined it by myself. But it's right, not?
- Yes.... we leave it a time before I left. Although that's a very positive way of saying it.
- What did it happen?
-.... I am not sure of wanting to speak of this with you, Jess.
- Let's go!, we are friends!, we have always spoken of everything! Nicole smiled shyly.
- Yes. Good... in fact I miss our chats a lot.
- Me also.
They passed a couple of minutes in silence. But a comfortable silence, without tension, pleasant.
- It was that he was not even producing, he fool me like he wanted. He was an assistant of one of the executive producers. And... he was married, but I didn't know it until a lot after he left me.
- <Damned buster. How  did  he  dare damage you? I would broke his face> He left you?
- Yes,... let us say that me.... I didn't consent to his.... asking, and then I stopped to interest him, he found another girl more.... helpful. It was not as you. <You really loved me, and I was so silly of not realizing> You always respected my decisions. I passed it very bad at the beginning, but Holly helped me a lot, and now,.... the truth is that I no longer care. It is something forgotten.
- Why not did you say anything <to me> when you arrived?
- I don't know. I suppose that I was embarrassed. I know that it sounds stupid, but...
- No. I made the same thing. I understand you very well.
- Ah, yes?
- Yes. I went out with a girl..., she fool me, I discovered it, I broke up with her, but I didn't say anything to anybody. Just Ian knows it.
They stayed in silence, looking  into the other eyes.
- I have missed you a lot, Nicole murmured.
- And me to you, Jesse said catching her hand.
Nicole deviated the look, and she stood up quickly, breaking the magic of the moment.
- Let's go "Mister Velasquez", continue rehearsing!

They began from the beginning again, although they already dominated completely the choreography.
There was something strange in the air, the tension was noticed among them, and when after one of the turns, they stayed in front of front again, very close the one of the other, they were immobile being looked to the eyes, they knew perfectly which was the following step, but none moved, they breath very quickly.
- <I don't dare to kiss you, but it is the only thing that I want to do> Jesse thought.
- <Why don't you kiss me?> The idea happened fleeting for the mind of Nicole, then, she deviated the look, she left embarrassed, picked up her things very quickly, and left running of the room, while murmured that it has been made very late and that she was sorry, but must go.

But Jesse don't hear her excuses, was stare, of foot, in the middle of the room, with the music even sounding, and thinking of a single thing: could certain be?, he had seen it in her eyes, her eyes never lied him, and now they tell him that she felt still something for him. It had been a deep and sincere look, it lasted just one second, but one second that Jesse was waiting for more than a year. He haven't longer any doubt about what will do, and he felt extremely happy. The plan of Ian had worked, he couldn't believe it.


Ian was nervous, he went of a side to other checking each detail one and another time. It was the dress rehearsal, but it will have public. A representation in honour of a home of old men, and the theatre was full. He wants that everything was perfect. And less than two hours ago, Jesse had told him that he wanted to sing his song.
He had told him that yes. What could he tell him? The idea was his, but now and with all the responsibility on his shoulders didn't seem him so good idea. They had not rehearsed the song neither a single time, and they didn't know how Nicole could react when hearing those lyrics.

Nicole is nervous. It is already very little so that the show began. Finishing of put on makeup and Reggie helped her with the dress. She knew that it's just be the dress rehearsal, but it's her turn, and she wants be perfect.

- Know what?, Jesse has just said me he's finished the lyrics and will sing the song. I don't know how Ian allows it to him.
- What does it happen?, did Reggie ask.
- What happens?, come on Regg, we haven't rehearsed neither once with the lyrics! I don't know. Is somebody known the choirs? When to enter? I believe that Ian has gone mad. He wouldn't have allowed him to introduce the lyrics with so little time.
- Take it easy!, it's just the dress rehearsal, if it leaves bad, in the premiere he doesn't sing, and it is already. It is not so serious. Also, that people are 100 years old!, they won't realize if the choir enters when it should or if it's delayed half second!, Reggie joked.
- Yeah, good,... I am nervous. It's makes a lot that I don't do this.
Reggie smiled to her friend. Maxie entered in the wardrobe.
- Have you seen Jesse?
- Not for a while, Nicole answered.
- I believe that he was with Danny, in the other room. Reggie told her.
- I hate to be the scene director, I believe that I will become totally crazy! She smiled to the girls and left.
Nicole stayed looking at her while she went away.
- She'll look for him to prepare your number. Reggie said.
- Eh? ... Yes, sure.
- You are jealous!
- Me? Jealous? What do you say!
- Come on Nicki! I have seen how you looked at her when she asked for Jesse!
- What?, That is not true!
- Oh it is!
- Reggie, is not true.
Reggie could not contain the laugh. And Nicole smiled while she denied with the head.
- What you say,... but you are jealous!
- Reggie!, it's not true! Jesse and I are friends, he can date with who he  wants.
- Sure? Because..... just so that you know it, the tone of Reggie became very sarcastic, although I know that you don't care in the absolute, because you are just friends, and all that,.... I will tell you that Jesse doesn't date with anybody. He broke ago enough with the rubber doll he was dating, Ian told me, but keep me the secret, and he don't care so much of any girl who are interesting on him.
Reggie knew that Nicole listened to it with a lot of interest, although she faked to be busy being altered the make-up, so she continued speaking.
- When Maxie arrived at the school, she was a time behind Jesse, although he didn't pay her attention. Then she went out a season with Miltie, but they left it. Sew that it doesn't miss me, Miltie is a neat guy, but a little weirdo. And, good,... does she seem that again is interested in Jesse, not?
- I don't know it, and I don't care. Nicole lied. She cared it. She took some days thinking all the time of him. But she was sure that Jesse didn't think of her. Very sure. She harmed him a lot when she leave him, and it was already very late. He would surely finish going out with Maxie. She would have to get used to that idea.

In the scenario Danny almost had finished his number. He had left just a couple of jokes, and would play them. It seemed that the public is having a good time, Ian had relaxed a little, everything was coming out well. If in the premiere all equal went, he will be happy.

Maxie entered to the wardrobe again to warn Nicole.
- They are two minutes and plays you. Danny is with hiss final joke.
- OK, thank you.
- Ah!, Jesse says that, what ever happens, you continue dancing.
- What?
- I neither understand it. He just said that.
- OK. "Jesse says..."; Nicole repeated imitating the tone of Maxie once she had left the room.

Many applauses were listened, Danny left the scenario, and Reggie ascended to present the next one.
Nicole and Jesse were prepared. They looked to the eyes of the other and smiled.
- It is for you, Nicki.
- Eh?
- The song. I've written it thinking of you.
Nicole didn't have time of saying anything. They go out to the scenario, already dark, they were placed in their beginning positions. The lights were ascending, slowly, and it began to sound the music, after some chords, and the first steps, Jesse began to sing:

I've been meaning to tell you
I've got this feelin' that won't subside
I look at you and I fantasize
Darlin' tonight
Now I've got you in my sights
With these hungry eyes
One look at you and I cant disguise
I've got hungry eyes
I feel the magic between you and I

I want to hold you so hear me out
I want to show you what love's all about
Darlin` tonight
Now I've got you in my sights
With these hungry eyes
One look at you and I can't disguise
I've got hungry eyes
I feel the magic between you and I
Now I've got you in my sights
With these hungry eyes
Now did I take you by surprise

I need you to see
This love was meant to be

Now I've got you in my sights
With these hungry eyes
One look at you and I cant disguise
I've got hungry eyes
I feel the magic between you and I
I've got hungry eyes
Now I've got you in my sights
With these hungry eyes
Now did I take you by surprise
I've got hungry eyes
Now I've got you in my sights
I've got hungry eyes


Several hours ago they had turned off the lights of the scenario, and all had left home. The representation had been a success, everybody congratulated Ian, and he commented that if the day of the premiere everything go similar of well, they would triumph.

Jesse was still in the dressing rooms, having just picked up his things, he do it without hurry, he need to take a time to think of all that has happened. That reaction of Nicole was not expected. He expect any thing, less that, believed that Nicki, or would leave him the face of a slap once it had lowered the curtain, or she would kiss him and everything be again as before. He wants that she had kissed him, but she didn't. When closed the curtain she not even looked at him, she retired the tears of her face with the back of the hand, and disappeared among the operators of lights.
Nicki had cried during the performance. But now Jesse didn't know if that was good or bad, he was completely confused, and don't have idea of what to do now.

- We have to speak.

Jesse became slowly. There it was her, prettier than ever, the delicate light of the dressing room made shine in a wonderful way her eyes. She no longer cried, and there was not neither the most minimum tremor in her voice, seemed calm and sure, just the opposite as he felt. He knew that it would be a definitive conversation, that the rest of his life depended on what said in that precise moment, and he was unable to articulate word, he just agreed.

- I'm sorry gone this way... but, Jesse, you have left me very... confused, in what were you thinking!!
- I know,... I'm sorry. I shouldn't have do that,... I know that it hasn't been a good idea, I should have spoken directly with you and not to mount this whole ridicule, but I didn't dare to tell you how I felt, and... good,... I don't know how I arrived to this, now I feel as an authenticate dumb.
- Bufff,... has it been very embarrassing for me, did they know it all?
- No. Just Ian, he,... bufff, ... he allowed all this to me,... just he knew it.

A silence was made a little inconvenience.

- Nicki, you already know that I have never been well to speak of my feelings, I just...
- Won't that serve you now Jess. Is the moment of being sincere, OK?, I want to know that you sought with that song, and.... I owe you an explanation.
- OK. I'll be sincere. It is the fair thing. I love you. I have always loved you. I didn't understand why we finished, and I always thought that we would return to be together, then you left, but I could not stop thinking of you neither only one day. And now..., when you returned,... I couldn't afford more,... I need you know it, I don't care that you don't love me, Ok,  yes, I care it, but I just need you to know it. I don't care anything of what has happened before. I love you.

Nicole looked to his eyes and smiled.

- Wow! you are incredible, and I was jealous of Maxie!, I will be silly!
- Nicki, no...
- No. Allow me to tell you all that I have to say, or I will throw to cry and I won't be able to make it.

Jesse agreed, while he looked at her with tender and brilliant eyes, and smiled.

- I owe you an explanation. That night, when I broke up with you, I was very confused. All joked in that wedding on that we would be the following ones, and... I got scared. It's not that I didn't love you, I have always loved you, but,... I began to think that I didn't love you enough, not in the same way that you loved me, that, that was not fair for you, and I was overwhelmed a lot. Now it will seem a stupidity, but for me, then, it was very hard, I found difficult a lot to take that step, and, sincerely, then I believed that it was the best thing,... for both.
Then, during those two months that we were friends, everything went very well, and I also end up thinking that perhaps, we be together again, but that contract arose, and I left. Starting from there, I began to feel very guilty, because I didn't write you, neither called you, and I had promised to make it, but... I was not able to, I missed you a lot, and I would have collapsed. I also imagined that you already don't remember me, and that you would be with somebody being very happy. For that reason, when I met Paul,.... he, at the beginning, behaved very well with me,... I believed to be in love, and... I thought that I had forgotten you,... until I saw you again in the airport. Then,.... me....

Two tears leaned out shy to the eyes of Nicole, Jesse rose, and with a lot of softness put his two fingers on her lips.

- Shhhh, we've already lost a lot of time, don't you believe?

Nicole agreed and kiss his fingers, he caressed her face, and her hair,

- I love You
- I love You

- End -

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