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by Jann

(This scene is set after Leroy has left from a visit to the hospital.)


Fight harder.

She had said those words herself in an attempt to cheer up Leroy. The last thing she'd expected was to be worrying about her words herself though. However, here she was, stuck in a hospital bed. Elizabeth Sherwood was thinking of a way to fight back.

Several of her co-workers had come to visit her in the hospital after the accident. The kids too had shown how worried they were about her. All the attention had been really sweet and flattering, but Elizabeth knew that the worry and guilt everyone was feeling towards her was only fuelling the mess at the school. That was exactly what she hated the most. being the one responsible and not being able to fix it.

The way the students and her co-workers had tried very hard not to bother her about the problems at the school or how they tried not to ask her for help, had been funny in a way. Lydia had told her about the festival and how well the preparations for it were going. Benjamin's story had been similar to Lydia's. Morloch had, of course, been trying to convince her, or maybe he was trying to convince himself, that his decision had been the right one to make. Doris and Danny had stopped by, both trying to cheer her up with nervous little jokes. Cleo had needed thirty minutes just to get her apology for the accident right. Then there had been Leroy.

Fight harder.

That's what she had told him and because of that advice, Morloch had expelled him. Every teacher had a special student and Elizabeth had grown a definite weak spot for Leroy. He came to school as an illiterate, uncertain boy and she admired his willpower and all the hard work he had put into learning how to read and write. This boy was one of the reasons that Elizabeth wanted to fight harder.

Shifting in her bed, Elizabeth pushed the button that would alert one of the nurses at the nurses' station. It was time to get out of bed and do what she had told her students to do. Fight harder.

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