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by Jann

It was lunchtime at the School of the Arts and the cafeteria was crowded with students hoping against better judgement that maybe today there would be edible food served and not the usual tasteless stuff that the cafeteria lady called 'food'. A small group of friends had gathered around one of the large lunch tables that were placed along the walls, not really doing much when the school's secretary approached them with a white envelope in her hand.

"Miss Schwartz, there you are," Mrs. Berg said, a hint of relief audible in her voice as she looked at the dark-haired girl. "This letter arrived for you this morning."

Doris looked up from the magazine she was reading, her eyebrows rising in surprise. She wasn't expecting mail and certainly not mail that was being delivered to the school. "Thank you for bringing it to me," she answered politely before taking the letter from Mrs. Berg's hand. Flipping it around, Doris intended to read the return address, but she frowned when there was none written on the back. As she opened the envelope, her friends moved their chairs a little closer, curious to find out what mysterious person had sent Doris a letter. Having stuff sent to the school usually meant that it was from someone important, like agents or directors.

"Come on, Doris. Open it," Holly Laird urged as she leaned closer to get a better look.

"Yeah, who's it from?" Danny Amatullo added before popping the last bite of his banana into his mouth.

Doris bounced slightly in her seat from excitement as she pulled a long, hand-written letter out of the envelope and folded it open to read. "It's from Bruno." Secretly, she was a little disappointed that the letter didn't come from an agent. Her mind had already flashed back to the time Coco received a letter from Charles MacKay, the Charles MacKay, to come in for an audition. She had been so envious of Coco back then, wishing that one day she too would be that lucky.

Her friends too were a little disappointed and began to shift their seats back into the position they were in when they sat down for lunch. A letter from Bruno was really not all that exciting. They saw their friend almost every night at the bar he'd been working ever since he was forced to leave school.

Doris had slouched back in her chair and began to read the letter. Her frown was back after the first two words though. 'Dear Friends,'? That suggested that Bruno hadn't written the letter just for her, but he wanted all his friends to read it. "Um," Doris began as she leaned forward again and rested her elbows on the table. "This letter is meant for all of us." This triggered the attention of her friends and the moving of chairs began again, all wanting to hear what Bruno had written. When everyone was seated, Doris began to read aloud.

"Dear friends,

It's a little awkward writing you guys a letter like this. Writing letters is not 'us'. It's not how we work. It's not something we do. Unfortunately, sometimes life throws things at us that leaves us no other choice than to act out of character, to do things we normally wouldn't do. And I guess this letter proves that I have stumbled across one or two of those things in life.

As all of you know, the last year has been rough. Pop's death has meant that I needed to grow up a lot faster than I had planned. I may not have said it often enough, but I really enjoyed goofing around with all of you, whether it was in my basement or at school. Before I get to the point, I want each and every one of you to know how much your support and caring has meant, and still means to me. There were enough times this year when I thought I couldn't make it through, but there you were. Picking me up and lifting my spirits with a song, a dance, or a joke. Even though I'm not in the school anymore, none of you have forgotten me. It's nice to see that at least one of my dreams has come true.

As for my other dreams, my career dreams, I'm afraid I've had to change those a little. The changing started when I left school, but now the changes have come to a point where I have to change myself too. Because I can't change my dreams, even throw away some of them, while being confronted with them every single day. I can't handle being confronted with something I worked so hard at for so long and knowing that it's just not gonna happen. It hurts too much.

I'm not giving up, I want you guys to know that. I'm just postponing things. When the time's right I will grab my dreams again and make them happen. Just not right now. I can't do that right now.

I made a few decisions. I've thought about telling you guys in person, face to face. I've even stood on the school's front porch a few days ago to explain myself. But I guess I don't have that Italian courage you're always telling us about, Danny. That's why I'm writing this letter. It's easier, but, not the easiest way out, trust me.

Anyway, I wanted to let you all know that I'm leaving town. In fact, by the time you are reading this, I will have already left town. I don't want you guys worrying about me and I don't want you guys turning into a bunch of detectives to try and find me, either. I don't expect that you guys understand this and maybe that's for the best. Just know that I'm doing alright and that this is something that I need to do.

If you ask me I'd say it's true
Pleasing everyone can get you so confused
One direction is hard enough to go
And sometimes you gotta get there on your own

So wish me well
Love me as I am
Dream for me
But try to understand
Because I love you I do the best I can
So wish me well
And love me as I am  

I wish all of you well, too.


Doris gently lowered her hands and placed the letter on the table. There was a long silence, everyone deep in their own thoughts.

"Wow," Leroy Johnson whispered, the first one to speak after a silence that lasted for several minutes.

Holly nodded, using her hand to swipe at the stray tear that had started to run down her cheek. "Where do you think he went?"

Doris shook head and shrugged. "Some place good. That can be wherever."

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