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Music and Lyrics by D.Lambert, P.Golde and D. Hutchins
Performed by MPeople
Lyrics provided by Inger Christin Borge

Someone to count on, in a world ever changin'
Here I am - stop where you're standin'
What you need is a lover, someone to take over
Oh baby don't look any further

Strange when you think of our chances
That we've both been in a state of mind
Too cool to be careless, looking for the right thing
Oh baby don't look any further

Tonight we're gonna taste a little paradise
Rockin' all night long
Daylight I'll still be looking in your heavenly eyes (and we'll go on and on and on)

Day o umba day a mambu ji ay o
Don't look any further
Day o umba day o na jam bay um bay o
Don't look any further

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