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Performed by Valerie Landsburg and Lee Curreri
Lyrics provided by Franck-Séverin Clerembault

Once in awhile I stop and I smile
And think about the times we share
If something goes wrong won't be very long
Cause I know that you are there

Once in awhile I think of your smile
And all the memories we've known
It's not gonna end, I'm telling you friend
Neither one of us could ever be alone

The laughter in your eyes is certain
The look that lets me know your pleased
How everyday you reassured me
When no-one else believed

Once in awhile, though it's not my style
I wonder what my life would be without you
I'd only get through 'cause you taught me to
And there's no way I could doubt you

Once in awhile, I sit and I smile
And think of all the things before us
The good and the bad
The happy and the sad

And when I'll think of you again
It will be more than just once in awhile

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