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Episode Summary

Nicole meets her idol Frannie Fortune. After developing a friendship, Frannie asks Nicole to sing back up on her demo. Nicole ends up trying to record the song herself after Frannie walks out of the studio. After underminding Frannie, Nicole soon finds "what comes around goes around" and Frannie records the song herself. Meanwhile, Jesse, Danny and Leroy run a personal ad for Mr. Dyrenforth to try to help him find a woman.

Additional Cast Credits

Guest Starring:
Bonnie Bramlett as Frannie Fortune


"Damaged" - performed by Bonnie Bramlett and Nia Peeples
"Find It In Your Mind" - Written by Bonnie Bramlett
"Mama, He's Treatin' Your Daughter Mean"- performed by Nia Peeples and Bonnie Bramlett
"A Woman Needs a Man" - performed by Debbie Allen, Jesse Borrego, Michael Cerveris, Carlo Imperato, Shawn Earl and Randy Allaire


Nia Peeples' last episode as "Nicole Chapman"
This is the only episode in Fame's 6 years that did NOT have a Major Dance
Number with all the Dancers.

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