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Many of the songs were recorded from episodes of Fame, so there may be speaking in them. Real Player is needed to hear the songs below!

Unknown Titles...

Title Artist(s)
dance number instrumental
dance number instrumental
dance number instrumental
dance number instrumental
dance number instrumental
dance number instrumental (from "Coco Returns")
title unknown Erica Gimpel
title unknown Loretta Chandler


Title Artist(s)
A Couple Of Swells Art Carney & Ray Walston
A E I O U Tom Sullivan
After The Fire Loretta Chandler
Alone In The Crowd Lee Curreri
Always You Carrie Hamilton
Animal Instinct Billy Hufsey & Wendy Smith
Another Night Nia Peeples
A Place To Belong Loretta Chandler
A Thing Called Joe Donna McKechnie
Aquarius Carlo Imperato & Nia Peeples
A Woman Needs A Man Debbie, Jesse, Carlo, Michael, Shawn Earl 
& Randy Allaire
Title Artist(s)
Baby Stay With Me Tonight Jesse Borrego
Back On the Savage Streets Nia Peeples
Back On the Savage Streets Loretta Chandler (in pieces)
Ballet For Kathy (instrumental)
Beautiful Dreamer Valerie Landsburg
Best In You And Me Valerie, Erica, Carlo & Gene
Better Days Melissa Manchester
Better With A Friend Valerie Landsburg
Bet Your Life It's Me Erica Gimpel
Be My Music Lee Curreri
Be My Music cast (Isreal Concert)
Beyond The Horizon Valerie Landsburg & Cynthia Gibb
Be Your Own Hero Erica Gimpel
Body Language Debbie Allen
Breaking Ground Billy Hufsey
Breaking Out Janet Jackson
Bring Back The Fire Carlo Imperato
Broadway Melody Elisa Heinsohn & cast
Title Artist(s)
Can You Feel It cast (short clip)
Carnival Debbie Allen
Catch Me I'm Falling Fast Carrie Hamilton
Cats Instrumental instrumental
Childhood's End Cynthia Gibb
The Child In Me Valerie Landsburg
City Life
City Nights Melissa Manchester
Come Join The Party Debbie Allen & company
Come What May Carlo Imperato
Come What May Nia Peeples
Come What May Gene Anthony Ray
Controversy instrumental
Could We Be Magic Like You Lee Curreri
Could We Be Magic Like You Lee Curreri & Debbie Allen
Crooked Piece Of Time Tom Schanley
Cuts Like A Knife Jesse Borrego
Title Artist(s)
Dancing Endlessly Debbie Allen & Glynn Turman
Dancing In The Wings Debbie Allen
Desdemona Gene, Erica & Carlo
Desdemona Gene, Valerie & Carlo
Designer Puppies Lee Curreri (instrumental)
Dewey Jesse Borrego & Nia Peeples
Did I Ever Really Live Albert Hague
Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead Debbie Allen and the Fame dancers
Dirty Cards Valerie Landsburg
Don't Throw Away Your Dreams Carlo Imperato
Don't Turn Around Loretta Chandler
Do The Gimme That Valerie Landsburg & P.R. Paul
Dream Street Janet Jackson
Dueling Pianos (instrumental) Albert Hague & Lee Curreri
Title Artist(s)
Ease On Down The Road Carlo Imperato
Easy To Believe Loretta Chandler & Jesse Borrego
Earth Angel Billy Hufsey
Electricity Lee Curreri
Everybody's Got A Road To Go Down Caryn Ward & Gene Anthony Ray
Everything But Love Jesse Borrego
Title Artist(s)
Face To Face Valerie Landsburg & Lee Curreri
False Alarm Lee Curreri
Fame cast (Isreal concert)
Fame Erica Gimpel
Fame Loretta Chandler
Fame(Not the theme song) Billy Hufsey
Fame cast-Heart Of Rock N Roll 2 concert
Fame cast and returning cast- final episode
Fame Of Yesteryear Albert Hague (instrumental)
Fire And Ice Nia Peeples
Follow The Yellow Brick Road Debbie Allen and cast
Forever Billy Hufsey
Forever In Your Eyes Olivia Barash
For The Love Of The Game Billy Hufsey
42nd Street Elisa Heinsohn & cast
For You Carlo Imperato
Friday Night Carlo Imperato
Friday Night Carlo Imperato (Isreal Concert)
Friends Nia Peeples & Cynthia Gibb
From Strength To Strength Lee Curreri & Valerie Landsburg
Title Artist(s)
Get Back To Something New
Geometry Valerie with Nia & Cynthia
Guitar solo Michael Cerveris
Title Artist(s)
Happily Ever After Valerie, Jesse  & Nia
The Hawaiian Song Valerie, Nia, Jesse, Carlo & Billy
Heart Of Saturday Night Jesse Borrego & Tom Schanley
Hello Jesse Borrego
Hey Look Me Over Carlo, Billy, Jesse, Nia, Cynthia & Loretta
Hi-Fidelity Valerie Landsburg & Lee Curreri
Hi-Fidelity Valerie Landsburg
Higher Ground cast (Isreal Concert)
Holidays Around The World cast
Hope Gene Anthony Ray
Hot Times In The City Streets cast
Hush Little Baby Ken Swofford, Debbie, Valerie & Madlyn Rhue
Title Artist(s)
I Can Do Anything Better Than You Can Erica Gimpel
I Can't Hold Back Carlo Imperato
If I Dare To Dream Valerie Landsburg
If I Only Had Gene, Lee, Carlo & Valerie
If The Lady Wants to Play Nia, Cynthia & Janet Jackson
I Heard It Through The Grapvine Erica Gimpel
I Know I Can Gene Anthony Ray
I'm Hip Carlo Imperato
Infatuation Gene Anthony Ray
In My Dream Billy Hufsey & Gene Anthony Ray
Is Somebody Out There Nia Peeples
I Still Believe In Me Erica Gimpel & Debbie Allen
I Still Believe In Me Erica Gimpel only
It Didn't Work Out That Way Carlo Imperato & Valerie Landsburg
It's Gonna Be A Long Night Lori Singer
It's In Everyone Of Us Valerie, Gene, Carlo & Erica
It's Love I'm After, After All Michael Cerveris & Carrie Hamilton
It's Sonata Mozart (instrumental)
I Wanna Be A Star Carlo Imperato & Billy Hufsey
I Want My MTV Billy Hufsey
I Was Only Trying To Help Valerie Landsburg
Title Artist(s)
Just Like You Debbie Allen & Glynn Turman
Just When I Really Needed You Valerie Landsburg
Just When I Really Needed You Valerie Landsburg (live in Isreal)
Title Artist(s)
Keep Your Hands Off My Baby Nia Peeples
Kitchen Sync Lee Curreri (Instrumental)
Title Artist(s)
Lady Dancer Tom Sullivan
Lay Back And Be Cool Gene Anthony Ray
Lay Back And Be Cool Gene & Eartha Robinson (Isreal Concert)
Let The Good Times Roll Nia Peeples and Jesse Borrego
Let The Sunshine In Jesse, Gene, Nia  & cast
Let Your Feelings Show Earth, Wind & Fire
Life Is A Celebration Erica Gimpel & Carlo Imperato
Light One Candle cast
Like A Rose Carlo Imperato
Long, Long Time Valerie Landsburg
Long Shot Gene with Nia & Cynthia
Looking Over My Shoulder Tom Schanley
Looking Over My Shoulder Nia Peeples and Gene Anthony Ray
Love Takes Time Carlo Imperato
Lucky Enough For Two Valerie Landsburg & Greg Evigan
Lucky Star Cynthia Gibb
Title Artist(s)
Make Our Love Last Forever Deborah Wakeham
Makin' It Billy Hufsey & Gene Anthony Ray
Mama He's Treatin' Your Daughter Mean Nia Peeples and Bonnie Bramlett
Manhattan Valerie Landsburg & Erica Gimpel
Man In The Mirror Gene Anthony Ray
Man In The Mirror
Mannequin Gene Anthony Ray
Medley of songs cast
Medley of various songs cast
Medley from Isreal Concert cast
Meetin' In The Ladies Room Nia Peeples
Memories Debbie Allen
Mickey Nia, Cynthia & the female dancers
Midnight Celebration Erica Gimpel
Modern Major General Carlo Imperato
Moriarty (part 1) Carlo Imperato
Moriarty (part 2)  Carlo Imperato
Motown/Beach Songs Medley cast
Mr. Cool Valerie Landsburg, Lori Singer & cast
Murphy's Blues Lee Curreri
Murphy's Blues Lee Curreri (live in Isreal)
Title Artist(s)
New York, New York Erica Gimpel
New York State Of Mind Shawn Stevens
Noise Loretta Chandler, Michael Cerveris & cast
Title Artist(s)
Old Girlfriends Billy, Gene & Carlo
Old Shanti Town George Kirby & Gene
Once In Awhile Lee Curreri
Once In Awhile Valerie Landsburg & Lee Curreri
One Dream Cast
One Touch Billy Hufsey & Daphne Ashbrook
On The West Side Valerie Landsburg & Cynthia Gibb
The Other Side Of The Road Jesse Borrego
Out Here On My Own Donna McKechnie & Cynthia Gibb
Outrun The Night Nia Peeples
Outside Myself, Inside Your Love Nia Peeples & Jesse Borrego
Overnight Success Nia Peeples & Erica Gimpel
Over The Rainbow Debbie Allen & Valerie Landsburg
Title Artist(s)
Penny Lane Jimmy Osmond
Piano solo Albert Hague
Pick Up the Pieces Billy Hufsey
Please Double Cheese (Hank Burger Jingle) Gene Anthony Ray, Erica Gimpel and cast.
Private Eyes Michael Cerveris and Debbie Allen
Title Artist(s)
Reach For A Dream Gene Anthony Ray & Erica Gimpel
Reunion Carlo Imperato & Nia Peeples
Ribbon In The Sky
Right Here and Now Nia Peeples & Jesse Borrego
Rock N Roll World Gene, Valerie & Carlo also Billy & Cynthia
Rudy's Restaurant and Cabaret Donna McKechnie, Valerie & Cynthia
Running With The Night Valerie Landsburg
Title Artist(s)
Saved By The Bell Erica Gimpel
Scorn Dick Miller w/ Jesse, Billy, Gene & Carlo
Scorpio Rising cast
The Secret Carlo Imperato
Shadows And Light Valerie Landsburg & Christie Houser
Shake Jesse Borrego
Shelter Me Jesse Borrego
Shine Jesse Borrego
The Shoop Shoop Song Nia, Carrie, Page & Loretta
Shoppin' A To Z cast
Sho Sho Sho Shorofsky Lee Curreri
The Show Must Go On Erica Gimpel
Showtime Erica Gimpel
Silent Night Gene, Carlo, Billy, Loretta, David, Nia & Jesse
Sing For You America Cast
Singin In The Rain Gene Anthony Ray
Sing Sing Sing (instrumental)
Sing To The World Tom Sullivan
Slave To Love (version1) Nia Peeples & Jesse Borrego
Slave To Love  (version2) Nia Peeples & Jesse Borrego
Slightly Out Of Reach Sam Slovick
So Many Dreams Nia Peeples
Somebody Must Be Grinning Down On Me Gene Anthony Ray
Someday Some Way Nia, Loretta, Carrie & Page
Some Girls Jesse Borrego & Billy Hufsey
Someone To Watch Over Me Nia Peeples
Song Of Joy Billy Preston
Songs Jimmy Osmond & Erica Gimpel
Songs Carlo Imperato, Erica Gimpel &cast
Sparks Nia Peeples & Jesse Borrego
Starmaker cast
Starmaker cast
Starmaker cast (live in Isreal)
Starmaker Erica, Debbie, Valerie, Lee, Gene & Carlo
Step Up To The Mike Erica, Gene & Carlo
Stevie Wonder Medley cast
The Story Of Judy And Roy Lee Curreri
Straight To The Heart Nia Peeples
Synthofrenia Lee Curreri (Instrumental)
Title Artist(s)
Take Me Erica Gimpel
Take Me To Your Heart Cynthia Gibb
Take That First Step Valerie Landsburg
Tear It Up
That's Dancin' Jesse Borrego & Gene Anthony Ray
There's A Train Albert Hague & Debbie Allen
Three Cool Cats Gene, Jesse, Nia & Shaun Earl
Tomorrow Morning Carlo, Jesse, Billy and Nia
Turn It On Peabo Bryson
Turn To Me Valerie Landsburg
Turn To Me Carlo Imperato & Valerie Landsburg
Two To The Power Of Love Janet Jackson & Jesse Borrego
Title Artist(s)
Wanna Give My Love Loretta Chandler
The War Song Gene, Jesse, Carlo & Billy
We All Belong To Love Jimmy Osmond & Erica Gimpel
We Are The Ones Jesse Borrego, Billy Hufsey & Carrie Hamilton
We're Off To See The Wizard Valerie, Lee, Gene & Carlo
We're The Kids In America cast
We Got A Good Thing Goin' Jesse Borrego, Nia Peeples & Janet Jackson
We Got The Power cast
We Stand Gene Anthony Ray & Alan Weeks
Whatcha Gonna Do Billy Hufsey & Cynthia Gibb
When I Love
When You Know
Where Is The Missing One Carlo Imperato & Billy Hufsey
Who Put The Bop Cast
Wish Me Well Lee Curreri
Without Your Love Erica, Carlo, Valerie & cast
Title Artist(s)
Ya Got Trouble Morgan Stevens
You Can't Stand Up Alone Cast
You Don't Know Me Jesse Borrego
You Don't Know Who I Am Carlo Imperato, Nia Peeples & Jesse Borrego
You Drive Me Wild Cynthia Gibb & Erica Gimpel
You Know What I'd Like?
Young Heroes Valerie Landsburg & Nia Peeples
You're Just In Love Valerie Landsburg & Lee Curreri
You're The Real Music Gene Anthony Ray


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