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Fame Clips

A Fable For Parents
After The Fire
Alone In The Crowd
Blue Christmas
Come What May
Crossing Over
Dance # 1
Dance # 2
Fame (Opening Credits)
Fame (episode: Metamorphosis)
My Rifle, My Pony & Me
Natural Woman
Outside Myself, Inside Your Love


Fame Cast - Other Videos

Bring Back Fame (2008 Reunion Special)
Fame, Remember My Name (2003 BBC Reunion Special)
Sweet Clarity (Music Video - Lee Curreri)
What Every Child Should Know (Albert Hague)
Say No To Strangers (Carlo Imperato)
Entertainment Tonight: Confessions of a Teen Idol (Billy Hufsey)
Miami Vice (Jesse Borrego)
Music Shoppe (Nia Peeples)
7th Heaven: Graham Jarvis Tribute
Christmas Parade (season 6 cast)
Married With Children (Jesse Borrego)
Entertainment Tonight: Debbie Allen's Birthday
Head of the Class (Michael DeLorenzo)
The New Hollywood Squares (Gene Anthony Ray, Carlo Imperato & Ann Nelson)
Grudge Match (Billy Hufsey)
Tales From The Darkside (Albert Hague & Robert Romanus)
Tales From The Darkside (Carmine Caridi)
Post Shredded Wheat Commercial + (Eric Pierpoint)
Valerie Landsburg Talks About The Fame Cast
Valerie Landsburg Talks About Leaving Fame
High Fidelity, New Version (Valerie Landsburg)
Asian Academy of Film and Television Interview (Valerie Landsburg)
After Dark (Valerie Landsburg)
JAG - Christmas Song 1 (Erica Gimpel)
JAG - Christmas Song 2 (Erica Gimpel)
JAG - What If? (Erica Gimpel)
JAG - What If? 2 (Erica Gimpel)


Disclaimer: Videos are here only so that Fame fans can see some Fame related stuff that otherwise they might never have the opportunity to see. With that in mind, no copyright infringement is inteneded but I am more than willing to remove any videos deemed an infringement of copyright.

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